Rock Climbing organize and arrange by NATUR OPPLEVINGAR AS (Lom - Tronoberget)

Climb for a day on the crags at Tronoberget in Lom. This activity is suited to everyone who would like to experience something new and exciting that will break old barriers. We'll climb various routes with varying degrees of difficulty based on the wishes of the participants. In addition the participants get to try rappelling.

Practical information:

  • WHEN: Daily.
  • Booking: Booking must be done before 8:00 p.m. the day prior to arrangement.
  • Meeting place: NATURE EXPERIENCE in Lom. Located at the sports shop "Fjell og Fritid".
  • Meeting time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Duration: 5 - 7 hours, including transportation.
  • Meals/board: Guests at hotels, etc, have to make their own lunch packet and fill up their thermos/flask during breakfast.
  • Personal equipment: Outdoors clothing, Mountain boots/tennis/rock shoes.
  • Special equipment: NATURE EXPERIENCE provides all climbing equipment.
  • Capacity: Maximim 12 and minimum 3 persons. Maximum 3 partisipants per mountain guide.
  • Minimum age: 12 years, younger with parents/guardian.
  • Transportation: The NATURE EXPERIENCE minibus or private automobile.
  • Distances: Lom - Tronoberget 3 km (miles)
  • Maps: Series M711 1:50 000, 118 IV Lom.
  • Program: Group transportation from Lom to Tronoberget. About 10 minutes walk to the climbing area. We'll climb various routes with varying degrees of difficulty based on the wishes of the participants. In addition the participants get to try rappelling. We will have lunch in the climbing area.

Contact and Address:
Glacier hike Smørstabreen - Naturopplevingar
P.O. BOX 111, N-2686 LOM
TEL. +47 61 21 11 55
FAX. + 47 61 21 19 85
MOB. + 47 94 36 96 64
MOB. + 47 94 37 84 09

Rock Climbing organize and arrange by Norgesguidene from Turtagrø to Skagastølstind, Store Austabotntind and Søre Dyrhaugstind

Norgesguidene can take you on guided climbs in the area of Hurrungane. Starting from Turtagrø you can get to the legendary Store Skagastølstind as well as Store Austabotntind and Søre Dyrhaugstind among a other peaks that require the use of climbing techniques and equipment. They also offer a wide variety of other activities, from long glacier walks to family trips to the marble caves of the Dumma valley.
Address and Contact:
Climbing and hiking in Jotunheimen
NO-6871 Jostedal
Phone: 92 05 40 57

Rock Climbing in Lom, Tronoberget Climbing area

Tronoberget climbing area is situated about 3 km from Lom town centre. Drive from Lom in direction Otta and turn left towards the industrial area, continue across the bridge. From here it?s straight on until you reach a small lay-by. Park here. You?ll find a clear passage on the left, follow this and you will come to the climbing area. The written guide for the climbing area is available at the tourist information.
Address and Contact:
Climbing in Lom, Tronoberget Climbing area
NO-2686 Lom
Phone: 61 21 29 90
Fax: 61 21 29 95

Rock Climbing organize and arrange by Naturopplevingar (Tronoberget in lom or from the majestic peaks in Jotunheimen)

Climbing means to cross borders and meet yourself, deeply concentrated, in steep surroundings, shivering with excitement. If you want to try this, Tronoberget in lom is the right place! Here you find easy routes, but also very challenging, looking almost impossible. There are 50 routes. Patience is a virtue, you have to try again and again. As a reward you can pay out along the line. Good climbing areas you also find in Mysuseter and Sjoa.
If you want to get really high up, you can choose from the majestic peaks in Jotunheimen. Season: spting, summer and autumn. Daily tours, 5-6 hours, plus transport. From 790 NOK/person, minimum 3 persons.
Address and Contact:
NO-2688 Lom
Phone: 61 21 11 55
Fax: 61 21 19 85

Rock Climbing organize and arrange by Lomseggen Climbing Tower (A tower has been made by the Spanish company Top30)

It is approximately 12 metres high and has a climbing face of about 155m2 consisting of 3-dimensional fibreglass panels – so-called "3D Real Rock". The shaping of the climbing face has so far as possible been made "mountain-like", giving a varied and challenging climb. The surface has good friction and it is possible to screw in about 15-20 holds per square metre. The tower is free standing and will have about 10 lead ropes equipped with hangers and quick draws. This means that up to 20 climbers can be in action at any one time when the facility is fully used. From the platform it is possible to rig for abseiling, Tyrolean traversing, etc. Due to its design and its 12-metre height the tower is also suitable for international-level competitions.
Address and Contact:
Lomseggen Climbing Tower
NO-2686 Lom
Phone: 61212929
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