River rafting, canyoning in the Sjoa river through Heidal, Lom In Jotunheimen

River rafting, canyoning in the Sjoa river through Heidal, Lom In Jotunheimen

The Otta River is a popular rafting river, especially for family tours. The Sjoa River is also popular, and regarded as the best river for rafting in Northern Europe. Rafting companies offer raft paddling, swimming and other pleasant pastimes in safe surroundings. The main rafting season is from mid-May till the end of September. You can also try canyoning. Follow a river through gorges and canyons. This is an experience of nature that will impress you.

The Sjoa runs from Lake Gjende in the Jotunheimen Mountains, through Heidal and down to the Gudbrandsdalslågen river – one of Norway's finest angling rivers. In fact, with more than 50 lakes and 100 kilometres of rivers and streams in the mountains in Lillehammer and Øyer to choose from, in Oppland you can catch everything from perch, grayling, pike and powan to local Mjøs trout. Canyon in the river Sjoa. Follow the road sign from rv 51.

The rafting companies have long experience and offer raft paddling, swimming, and other pleasant pastimes in safe surroundings including experiencing white water in safety. Various activities during the winter include snow play, snow rafting and sledging. Equipment hire including snowboard.

River rafting, canyoning in the Sjoa river through Heidal - organize and arrange by NATUR OPPLEVINGAR AS (Lom-Sjoa, Oslo-Sjoa, Fagernes-Sjoa)

This is the stretch of the river that has made rafting so popular in Norway. The trip is about 14 km (8.75 miles) and is suitable for persons in every age group, with or without experience. The trip offers quiet areas, magnificent gorges, and also fun and exciting stretches. Participants can determine which level of challenge they would like by consulting with the guide, who can decide on easier or more difficult routes.

Practical info about rafting in the Sjoa river

  • WHEN: Daily.
  • Meeting place: Heidal Rafting base at the Sjoa Gjesthus, 2 km (1.25 miles) from E-6 toward Heidal. Transportation by bus can be provided by prior arrangement.
  • Meeting time: 10:00 a.m. weekdays 9:00 a.m. weekends
  • Duration: About 5 hours
  • Meals/board: A warm lunch is served during the trip by the bank of the river.
  • Personal equipment: Rain/paddling jacket, wool sweater/thermal underwear, wetboots or tennis shoes with wool socks and wetsuit (wetsuit rental).
  • Special equipment: Heidal rafting provides special vests, helmets, paddles, and all security equipment.
  • Capacity: Standard is 60 persons, although our capacity can be increased through prior arrangements. 6 persons + guide per raft.
  • Minimum age:16 years
  • Distances:
  • Lom-Sjoa 60 km
  • Oslo-Sjoa 300 km
  • Fagernes-Sjoa 140 km
  • Program: A briefing will be given prior to changing clothes in the wardrobe at the Sjoa Gjesthus. Information and instructions will be given by the river prior the to start. The trip begins slowly with plenty of time for learning the basics. Lunch is served at the halfway point at our own lunch area. Afterwards a shower and a change of clothing, then coffee and a little time to relax before departure.

Contact and Address:
Glacier hike Smørstabreen - Naturopplevingar
P.O. BOX 111, N-2686 LOM
TEL. +47 61 21 11 55
FAX. + 47 61 21 19 85
MOB. + 47 94 36 96 64
MOB. + 47 94 37 84 09
E-mail: post@naturopplevingar.no
Internet: http://www.naturopplevingar.no

Sjoa River rafting, canyoning - organize and arrange by Jotunheimen Feriesenter

Jotunheimen Feriesenter is located in beautiful surroundings at the bottom of Jotunheimen in the upper part of Heidal and near Vågå. A wonderful starting point for rafting, in the river Sjoa, hkes across Besseggen and to Glittertind, and trips to the West Coast. There is a 13 metres climbing tower and a turf hut containing sleeping possibilities for 30 persons.
Address and Contact:
Jotunheimen Feriesenter
NO-2676 Heidal
Phone: 61 23 49 50
Fax: 61 23 51 72
Email: post@jotunheimenferiesenter.no
Internet: http://www.jotunheimenferiesenter.no/

River rafting, canyoning in the Sjoa river - organize and arrange by Sjoa Rafting Centre (Norwegian Wildlife and Rafting AS)

The original white water rafting company since 1984, NWR (Norwegian Wildlife and Rafting AS), is situated on the idyllic Sjoa Rafting Centre (on an old farm from the middle age) not far from the National Parks Rondane and Jotunheimen. The valleys and mountains around create the base location as one of the sunniest and brightest places in the whole valley. Organize the classic activities; white water rafting, family rafting, canyoning, rappelling, river boarding etc. with professional instructors, cabins and rooms, caravans, tents, restaurant, outdoor barbecue and wonderful view over Gudbrandsdalen and the green river Lågen.
Address and Contact:
Sjoa Rafting Centre
Address: Varphaugen Gård, NO-2670 Otta
Tel: +47 476 60 680
Email: rafting@sjoaraftingsenter.no
Web: http://www.sjoaraftingsenter.no
River rafting, canyoning in the Sjoa river through Heidal, Sjoa Rafting Centre, Lom In Jotunheimen - Northern Norway Tourism and Vacation

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