Rissa - with the wind in your sails

Rissa - with the wind in your sails

Do you really want to test your seamanship? Feel a rough rope in your hands, learn to tie sailors' knots and set your sails at sea and taste the salt spray? Rissa is the place for you. This is where you can sail a «fembøringen», a clinker-built boat that has been in use for more than a thousand years and is one of the fastest traditional boats anywhere along the coast of Norway.

It is the Coastal Heritage museum at Stadsbygd (see below for details) that enables visitors to experience such adventures. The traditional boat-building community around the museum is being actively promoted in one of the live museums in the country. This is not the place for museal silence. Here the noises of hammers and wood planes fill the air. New clinker-built boats are being built by some of the experts in this craft in the authentic way they have been built during the last millennium. This is not only the largest centre for clinker-built boats in the country, they also allow visitors to sample their wares and arrange expeditions to sea and shorter trips on the Trondheim Fjord.

Coastal Heritage Museum, Rissa

The Coastal Heritage Museum at Stadsbygd is one of the countries largest coastal museums. Here you have the opportunity to experience a real, active museum environment. Special exhibitions on Lofot fi shing, boat building through the ages and the life and activities of the coastal women. Boatyard, seaside cottage, several boathouses and boats. Sailing, heritage trail, cafe and guided tours. Open for groups outside normal hours. Package tour options for sightseeing in the district.
Coastal Heritage Museum, Rissa - Norways largest coastal museum
Sailing trips and sailing courses on traditional "square sail" boats available if you arrange beforehand. Rowing boat trips on the river are also available and suitable for adults and children alike.

The museum also has a dramatic play and exhibits about the strenuous voyages to the Lofoten fishing grounds which also are captured in the «Lofotdrifta» exhibition, with the «Storfembøringen» vessel as a mid point, and the open-air theatre has an annual production of Johan Bojer's play "The Last Viking" (Den Siste Viking). You can also stroll around the many footpaths through the area to the Rose gardens and the Rectory grounds by the museum. Tel.: 73 85 55 60.

The ruins of the nunnery are used today by the local guides to show tableaux from Kristin Lavransdatter and life in a nunnery.

Hours: Tue­, Sun 1100, ­1700 ­ Mon closed
Price: 50,- (a), 30,- (c), 45,- (p), 45,- (g)
Signpost: N
Situated: Stadsbygd, from Trondh. 20 km, Rissa 15 km
Coastal Heritage Museum, Rissa
N-7105 Stadsbygd
Tel: (+47) 73 85 55 60
Fax: (+47) 73 85 57 51
E-mail: post@kystensarv.no
Website: http://www.kystensarv.no/

A unique new concept a residence at sea: "The World of Residensea: or just "The World" cruise ship

The idea behind ResidenSea is a unique new concept-a residence at sea, a private home that will sail around the world in pursuit of fair weather, special international events and the natural attractions of the world. The World, the only private community at sea offering residential options and rental travel experiences to the discriminating traveler. Whether you are interested in purchasing a residence or renting a private home onboard The World.

The World is a ship serving as a residential community owned by its residents. The residents, from about 40 different countries, live on board as the ship slowly circumnavigates the globe — staying in most ports from 2 to 5 days. Some residents live onboard full time while others visit their floating home periodically throughout the year. The World of Residensea or just The World as is seen on her bows is the first cruise ship ever with residents (“the ultimate address¨) rather than passengers staying for the duration of a single cruise. Residents can literally travel all over the world without leaving home. This ship is a combination of a cruise vessel, luxury resort and the comforts of ones own home.

Shipbuilding is also an important business today. The world's first luxury apartment ship. «The World of ResidenSea» is built by Fosen Mek. Verksteder AS in Rissa, which constantly impresses us by securing new, large contracts. While a typical 43,000-ton ship could easily carry 1,500 passengers, the World Residensea is expected to carry an average of 285 guests plus a crew of 320.

There are several restaurants and a number of lounges and bars, a casino, night club, and theater, as well as a library, museum, and business center. Other facilities include a "market room" with a licensed stock and bond broker, a helicopter landing pad and a retractable marina for access when anchored in port. Also available are private dining rooms; a luxurious casino with 45 gaming positions operated by Century Casinos; and movies, classical music performances and other special entertainment in the auditorium. Sightseeing and shore excursions; classes in dance, navigation, language, cooking, arts and crafts, music, computers, and photography are also offered.

One of the true advantages of sailing on board "The World" are the diverse and exotic locales we visit. Unique destinations highlights some of upcoming stops as they travel the globe. They strive to ensure that the places they visit provide the same intimacy and excellence as you will find on board The World. Aboard The World thye offer an exclusive list of tours and outings as we arrive at distinct ports of interest that allows you to plan your trip ahead of time and ensure a plethora of memories upon your exit.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a residence, renting a home aboard The World, or presenting a press inquiry Contact:
Residensea management company - ResidenSea - Official Website: http://www.residensea.com/
"The World" Official Website: http://www.aboardtheworld.com
The World of Residensea or just 'The World - The first floating<br />
luxury apartment cruise ship - A unique new concept a residence at sea

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