Ringebu Stave Church, Lillehammer

Ringebu Stave Church, Lillehammer

A venerable stave church dating back to the 13th century. The church has a prominent location facing south-west 2.5 km south of Ringebu along the E6 main road in the direction of Lillehammer, and then 1 km to the left up the hillside.The Church is located on the old King's Road through the valley, which was the main artery in inland Norway. Ringebu Stave Church still functions as the main church of the parish. In the summer the church is open to visitors, and guided tours are offered in several languages. Weekly concerts during the summer. No guided tours are offered during baptisms, weddings, etc. Visitors are requested to show respect during funerals. Guided tours for groups can be booked throughout the year by phoning Ringebu Parish Council.

Stave churches were built at a time when paganism was giving way to Christianity. In several churches one can see paintings of what we believe represent the figures of norse gods high up at the top of the pillars under the roof. In this church two runic inscriptions, two animal drawings and the figure of a man have been found crudely carved in the wall.

Christianity was introduced into Norway around the year 1000 A.D. From then on during the Middle Ages until 1537, approximately 1000 stave churches were built. The Church in Norway was Roman Catholic at that time. The stave church at Ringebu, built c.1220, is one of 28 surviving stave churches and is one of the largest.

Address and Contact:
Ringebu Stave Church or Ringebu Sokneråd (Ringebu Parish Council)
2630 Ringebu
Tel: + 47 61 28 08 74
Email: ringebu@stavechurch.no
Internet: http://www.stavechurch.no/eng/index.asp
Architecture of Ringebu Stave Church, Lillehammer or Ringebu Sokneråd (Ringebu Parish Council)

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