The region around Hamar

The region around Hamar

The region around Hamar - a travel in Norwegian history and identity. Here you can experience central historical and cultural events, shopping and activities for adults and children.

Hedmarksmuseet and Domkirkeodden

Meet the Middle Ages on the beautiful cathedral promontory - Domkirkeodden - where you find cathedral and castle ruins from Hamar's times of glory. Singing guides in costumes of the Middle Ages give the public a fantastic experience in the glass cathedral - Hamardomen.
Hedmarksmuseet and Domkirkeodden
There is also a large herb garden on the cathedral promontory with approximately 375 ecologically grown herbs. There are exciting exhibitions in a distinctive museum building with unique architecture by Sverre Fehn and an open-air museum with 60 historical buildings collected around a pleasant country courtyard in idyllic surroundings on the banks of the Mjøsa Lake. Here there is also a commemorative exhibition about the world famous opera legend, Kirsten Flagstad.

A Middle Ages Festival is arranged with many activities for both adults and children.

Opening times: 18th May-8th September: 10.00-16.00 (16th June-18th August: 10.00-18.00). Tel.: +47 62 54 27 00. Fax.: +47 62 54 27 01. Museumkro (a licensed cafeteria in the museum), souvenir shop and bathing beach.

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Hedmarksmuseet - Kulturhistorisk museum:
Stiftelsen Domkirkeodden:

Vikingskipet - a modern multifunctional hall with handsome architecture and The Viking Ship Olympic Arena - for the big moments:

The shape of the hall plays on a theme handed down by the viking ships, whose functional and elegant form is just as appealing today as it was one thousand years ago. Both large and small arrangements, from exhibitions to anniversary dinners, seminars and dance galas, take place here. Championships and races are not only arranged for the world's best but also for the coming speed-skating stars. The hall is open for visits, but can be closed on certain days during events. Tourist information in the hall, tel.: 62 51 75 03. Summer opening times 15.06. - 18.08. 8-18 (10-18). Summer icerink 02.08. - 18.08. Opening times: Monday-Friday 8-16, at weekends open during athletics. Tel.: 62 51 75 00.
The Viking Ship Olympic Arena: The Gathering - dataparty for 5 000 people
The Viking Ship is a modern multi-purpose hall with an interesting architecture. The form is based on the shape of the Viking ships, a functional and beautiful shape that is as appealing today as it was a thousand years ago. It was built for the Winter Olympics in 1994, and the Viking Ship is Norway's national arena for skating. The Viking Ship is suitable to host concerts for up to 20 000 people, 9 000 guests on dance events and has the space to set dinner-tables for up to 5 000 people.

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Løiten Lys at Løten: An unforgettable experience

Inside Løiten Lys at Løten there are several floors with exhibitions full of light and atmosphere which give you experiences and impressions. Here you can buy self-produced, artistic candles of the best quality wax and stearin. Tel.: 62 59 43 00 Web:
Inside Løiten Lys at Løten


Prøysenhuset is a national culture centre built in honour of the author, performer and person, Alf Prøysen. He has given us several hundred songs and stories, which are still very dear to us. In Prøysenhuset you find a living exhibition with theatre, gallery, cafeteria and a shop. In his childhood home, the cotter's farm 'Prøysen', you can experience the environment he described so vividly in his ballads and books. Tel.: 62 35 18 0 Website:
statue Proysenhuset

Glorious Hedmark's animal paradise

The Amadeus-parken is situated beside the E6 highway, approximately 60 km North of Gardermoen. Here you can admire magnificent zebras, lively apes, cute donkeys, shaggy yaks, proud camels, elegant fallow deer, charming saddleback pigs, pushy pygmy goats, emu &endash; the famous ostrich from the crosswords, arrogant but beautiful lamas and much more.

The park is open every day from 10.00-17.00 in the school holidays (approx. mid-June to mid-August) and from 18th May on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00-16.00.

Amadeus-parken, N-2337 Tangen. Tel.: 62 58 35 50, 97 19 84 30.
Glorious Hedmark's animal paradise

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