Ratvolden and Nordgruvfeltet In The World Heritage Site Røros

Ratvolden and Nordgruvfeltet In The World Heritage Site Røros

From the car park at Ratvolden there are several marked paths around the beautiful Falkberget estate. The area has strong connections to Johan Falkberget’s authorship. The Nordgruvfeltet around Orvsjøen embraces a large area of cultural monuments, with remains of the Arvedal, Kongens and Christianus Sextus mines, among others. Signpost from National road 30 to the car park at the Kongen’s Mine.

333 years of mining activity on the mountain slopes of Røros created wealth for the owners and the State, a livelihood for the workers and a world heritage site for posterity. The World Heritage Site Røros Mining Town and the Circumference consists of three areas that all lie within the Circumference: Røros Mining Town and its cultural landscapes, the Femundshytta smelter, and one of the winter transport routes. The remaining areas of the Circumference are proposed as a buffer zone. The Circumference is the area of privileges granted to Røros Copper Works by King Christian IV in 1646. The area is demarcated by a circle with a radius of 45.2 kilometres (approximately four old Norwegian miles) from its centre at Old Storwartz mine.

Røros Mining Town and cultural landscapes include the previously inscribed Røros Mining Town and the whole sweep of landscape in which the town is located. Adjoining this we find: to the north an area up to the Storwartz and Olavsgruva mines; to the northwest a continuous area from Bergstaden to Sundet, the Orvos and the Nordgruvfeltet field with the Kings Mine, Christianus Sextus and Muggruva mines. To the southeast Hådalen is included in the area connected to the Winter Transport Route.

Within the area lies the old Mining Town with the smelter, and also the most important mines that were the basis for the founding of the town, the urban agriculture close to the town with plots of land and summer grazing farms as well as a few farms and the summer residences of the bourgeoisie. In addition the Kuråsfossen power station and the home of the writer Johan Falkberget at Ratvolden are located here.

The former home of Johan Falkberget at Ratvolden currently functions as an independent museum unit owned by Røros municipality. Johan Falkberget contributed to world literature with Røros Copperwork’s 300 year old history as inspiration. After 14 years in Oslo, Falkberget returned home and built the farm Ratvolden, where he lived until his death in 1967. Johan Falkberget’s novels portray the human and social conditions associated with Røros Copper Works in the past. He was also active as a journalist and politician and is considered to be one of the most prominent Norwegian writers of the first half of the 20th century. His home, Ratvolden, is preserved as a museum, located just below the Muggruva Mine. This house is situated within the proposed extension of the World Heritage Site. Falkberget’s novels describe life at Røros in various periods, and contributed strongly to making Røros come alive in the Norwegian imagination, and to awakening interest in its preservation.

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