Råkvåg herring fishery Dock (maritime) / Bryggene i Råkvåg

Råkvåg herring fishery Dock (maritime) / Bryggene i Råkvåg
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Råkvåg herring fishery Dock (maritime) / Bryggene i Råkvåg

Old wharf buildings in Råkvåg. Råkvåg is a small, intimate villages deep in the inner fjord in Rissa municipality. The unique ancient brewing row is the largest collection of herring fish piers outside the cities. Several of the piers were built in the late 1800's. During 1920 - 30 this Råkvåg herring fishery Dock (maritime) / Bryggene i Råkvåg was at the top warehouses in Råkvåg; a lively center for fishing and Dock (maritime) industry. Older people still remember the time when the boats were so close that it was possible to walk indoors over the bay.

A unique cultural recollection with large seahouses from the herring fishing days.The old herring buildings now give way to exhibitions, museums, restaurants and accommodation. A popular place for visitors during the summer months. Facilities for visiting boats. A big attraction is Råkvåg anno 1930 remember the good old days of the herring fishing heyday. Still like the costumes from the past and contribute to a contemporary experience (Prizes for best costumes).

Summer in Råkvåg provide great experiences. Restaurants, museums, art - and culture exhibitions and the bay is almost as full of pleasure boats of old and new vintage, which were previously fishing boats.

Norwegian Tourist Board (NORTRA) has voted Råkvåg one of the 20 best preserved and most beautiful towns in Norway, where history and culture, architecture and traditions, cultural heritage and tourism are woven closely together.

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