Radøy - the green isle

Radøy - the green isle

In 1560 the ancient county of Bergenshus stretched along the whole of thewestern Norwegian coast from Lindesnes to the border with Nordmøre.Some of the oldest Stone Age settlements in Norway, at Fosnstraumen,be tween Austrheim and Radøy, at Blomvåg in Øygarden and at Skipshellerenin Vaksdal, can be found here, all dating back between 6,000 and 10,000years. The tiny islet, Hespriholmen, to the west of Bømlo, houses theremains of the oldest quarry in Norway where, over an incredible 4,000 yearspan, rocks for stone axes were quarried. Between the steep mountain cliffsat Vingen in Bremanger we can meet the fascinating pictorial world of therock paintings, made when the inhabitants changed from a nomadic to asettle farming lifestyle.

60 km north of Bergen, close to the sea in a hilly farm landscape. The art centre is located to the former village school. Small café (open on weekends only) and gallery exhibiting contemporary art at the premises. Peaceful place, one hour by car or bus from Bergen. Small boat for fishing available. The countryside at Radøy is rich with contrasts, from fertile woodland to marshland, lakes and windswept heather moors. Radøy has a large proportion of culturally important landscape, and it’s not without reason that Radøy is known as “The Green Island”. Pathways have been opened through lakes and marshland, forest and thicket for ramblers to enjoy. Many lakes are rich with trout and char. Small animals, wild birds, foxes and deer can often be seen in the abundant landscape. Many peaceful bays and coves offer safe moorings for small boats, and there are many enthusiasts of boating, fishing and swimming.

Your first stop will be at Tjore Gardens. Tjore Gardens have one of the largest collections of Rhododendron in Scandinavia. These gardens provide a unique experience for garden and nature lovers, with around 400 species of rhododendron, fish pond and varied bird life. And it is just spectacular in the summer when in full flower. Tjorehagen (The Tjore Garden) is a beautiful garden with around 2000 different plants. Of these, about 400 are various rhododendrons. Around 20 species of birds nest in the garden. The garden has one large and several small ponds, and idyllic pathways, some of which are adapted for wheelchairs. The area of the garden is 15 000 square metres (3,7 acres) and it is situated in the southern area of the island, right beside highway Rv 565. (There were 6000 visitors in 2000).
Emigrant church, transported from Brampton in North Dakota to Sletta, Radøy
Your next stop is not far down the road. Take a trip to the idealistic West Norwegian Emigration Centre at Sletta. The centre was launched when an old church built by Norwegian emigrants was transported home to Norway from North Dakota. In the summer of 2000, the centre became home to a further 3 old buildings from the Mid West. 6. - 8. July: Annual festival to mark the emmigration to America.

Radøy Arts Centre is a foundation and centre for contemporary art in Nordhordland. The gallery area is 160 square metres. The Arts Centre cafe is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 4pm. Also there are several historic Churches. Emigrant church, transported from Brampton in North Dakota to Sletta, Radøy.

But there is much more to see on Radøy. Take time for a diversion over Sæbø or the Solenfjellet mountain to enjoy the sights of the west of the island - a rich cultural landscape where picturesque boathouses nestle on sheltered coves and you can gaze out to the islands at sea. The west of the island has a large number of cultural memorials - one of the best preserved is Bogatunet hamlet.

Radøy kommune
Krossvegen 8, 5936 Manger
Hordaland, Norway
Phone: 56 34 90 00
Fax: 56 34 90 01
E-mail: postmottak@radoy.kommune.no
Tjorehagen (The Tjore Garden)

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