ATM Hyttebutikk (ATM Cottage Shop)

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ATM Hyttebutikk
Bergemov.29 No - 4886
+47 37 25 80 80
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ATM Hyttebutikk (ATM Cottage Shop)

Construction & Transportation Environment was founded in 1990 to import the drill bits from ROBIT ROCK TOOLS Oy in Finland, in addition ATM Hyttebutikk imported fjellbor. As part of the range ATM Hyttebutikk were dealer of the Fina lubricants. ATM Hyttebutikk started in Lørenskog where ATM Hyttebutikk rented premises in the Globe building. In 1996 ATM Hyttebutikk moved from Lørenskog to Grimstad in southern Norway - where ATM Hyttebutikk still have ATM Hyttebutikk’s offices at Bergemoen.

On the contractor side, ATM Hyttebutikk is still importer of drill bits from ROBIT ROCK TOOLS Oy which started in 1985. ATM Hyttebutikk import drill bars and rods from PADLEY & Venables Ltd. and so ATM Hyttebutikk lubricants dealer from UNO-X (former HydroTexaco). In addition to this ATM Hyttebutikk have noticed spray, grinding wheels from NSI the Maas in the Netherlands, grinding cups, borhullsplugger and work gloves.

Although ATM Hyttebutikk sold Rock tools throughout the country as there were a number of local customers who wished that ATM Hyttebutikk had products that were more in the private market - rental equipment.

Your CABIN STORE in Southern Norway.

This was the second part of the company. ATM Hyttebutikk’s first supplier of rental equipment was RK-smithy with a lot of kerosene lamps and wrought iron products. They are still one of ATM Hyttebutikk’s suppliers. Sunwind Gylling AS is a major supplier of rental equipment and ATM Hyttebutikk is specialist dealer and service center for them. ATM Hyttebutikk negotiate everything from smijernsfotskraper, kerosene lamps and accessories for these heaters on propane or kerosene, toilet solutions for those without running water, propane grills and patio heaters, water solutions at the cabin, solar power, propane fridge and stove and Harvie sauna heaters and equipment (both for power and wood).

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