Hemnes Bygdetun, Bjerka (Museum)

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Hemnes Bygdetun, Bjerka
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Hemnes Bygdetun, Bjerka (Museum)

Hemnes County bought the farm Lillebjerka in 1966. The buildings were parly renovated and opened as a farm yard. There are many items that belonged to the farm, and some items come from the surrounding area

Hemnes county bought the farm in 1966 Lillebjerka in Hemnes. The buildings were partially restored and opened as a Museum in 1976. Hemnes Museum has recently had a major development - the buildings, Target and archive page. The museum currently has approx. 7000 items in 14 buildings throughout the municipality, with Eldhuset Jamt on Earth as the oldest from ca. 1620. Archives for local history material, audio and visual material found at the museum office at City Hall in Korgen.

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