Østerbø Turisthytte

Østerbø Turisthytte

Østerbø Turisthytte is located in the valley of Aurlandsdalen on highway no. 50, and is the perfect base for long treks in the mountains and hill walks. Accommodation in rooms or cabins, and delicious, homemade Norwegian food.

Østerbø Turisthytte - traditional tourist cabin in the heart of the Aurland valley, just off highway 50, with over 100 years history.

The cabin provides the perfect base for walks in the Aurland valley and mountains, or for excursions to nearby attractions such as the Flåm railway, the Sognefjord and Borgund stave church. You can set off to Hallingdal or travel towards Bergen.

Season: Easter, May to Oct

Østerbø Turisthytte,
5745 Aurland.
Tel.: 57 63 11 41
Fax: 57 63 11 18
E-mail: ingeos@online.no
gracial - valley of Aurlandsdalen

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