Trattoria Popolare

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Trattoria Popolare
Trondheimsveien 2 0560
39 30 21 38
22 69 29 23
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Trattoria Popolare

There has never been a lack of Italian restaurants in Oslo. What has been missing however, are Italian restaurants that challenge their patrons to try some- thing other than pizza and spaghetti carbonara and make it affordable. It’s not quite right to call Trattoria Popolare a restaurant, since with its four or five main courses it more resembles a classic Italian country eatery, with small and uncomplicated menus. If French wine is what you’re after, you may just as well go somewhere else. But if you would like some good Italian wine, then you have roughly 600 to choose from.

The first thing you see inside the doors of Trattoria Popolare is a semi-open kitchen, with cooks flying around behind a glass panel. In a corner, a bit farther in, is a little shop they fondly call “the hot dog stand,” although here you won’t find a hot dog in a bun. It mostly offers Italian salami and cured ham, which is cut with great precision by a giant meat slicer. Still, it is the restaurant that draws people in. Allegedly, it is the home of Oslo’s largest pasta machine, said to have a capacity of 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of pasta per day - which is a good thing on the days when Trattoria Popolare is as popular as the name implies.

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