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Sukkerbiten Nightlife

Getting tickets to the opera in oslo, unfortunately, takes more planning than most people realize. Unless you booked months in advance, you can pretty much forget it. We don’t know if that is why runar eggesvik the man behind much of oslo’s nightlife for the past decade - said "yes" when a contractor asked him to start a temporary outdoor café on a tiny patch of asphalt behind the opera parking lot as an alternative for the ticketless. or maybe it was just too tempting to take over a piece of property that was used for police anti-terror training until last year. In any case, the view is just as good as from the roof of the opera house, the sea breeze is just as cool, and if you get the urge to play crochet, you can do so on the grass as you sip wine and savour your food straight from the grill as the sun sets.

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