Pur Norsk

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Pur Norsk
Theresesgate 14 0452
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Pur Norsk

When Marianne Lien and her boyfriend Lasse Altern Halvorsen opened the boutique Pur Norsk, which means Pure Norwegian, in the Adamstuen area nearly five years ago, reactions weren’t exactly “Cool!” or “Wow, that’s great!” The response was more along the lines of “What on earth are you going to put in the shop?” It’s not that hard to understand, since Norwegian design might, at times, have seemed a tad short on vitality and innovation.

“But it really hasn’t been a problem,” says Lien. “Rather, it’s been hard to know what to pick.” Their shop is still the only one that exclusively offers Norwegian design, items either developed or produced in Norway. Much was made recently, while some are old classics, such as cutlery by Skaugum or Maya that are tourists’ favourites, in addition to T-shirts, Røros blankets, salt shakers, and dishware from the village of Figgjo.

“There aren’t quite as many tourists who would buy this,”says Lien, and points to a Hans Brattrud’s Scandia Chair, which had been out of production since the mid-1970s until small furniture-maker Fjordfesta in Møre-og Romsdal County started making them in 2001. “But some things we have to keep for ourselves up here (in the far north),” she says.

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