Norwegian Telecom Museum

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Norwegian Telecom Museum
Kjelsåsveien 143 PO Box 88
22 09 14 50
22 22 05 05
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Norwegian Telecom Museum

Norwegian Telecom Museum is an independent, cultural, scientific and progressive institution, organized as a foundation. The museum has collections of Norwegian telecom Telenor's history and activities, and conducting research in this field. The museum will illuminate the relationship between telecommunications and the social development. Norwegian Telecom Museum to disseminate knowledge about developments in the field and also present the future perspectives.

The museum 's main exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and permanent, regional exhibitions.

Norwegian Telecom Museum was established as a museum for the agency Telecom in 1992 and was converted into an independent foundation, January 2002. The museum is mainly financed by Telenor.

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