Nobels Fredssenter (Nobel Peace Center)

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Nobels Fredssenter
Brynjulf Bulls Plass 1 0250
48 30 10 00
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Nobels Fredssenter

Let us establish a sad fact: most cities in the world have a war or defence museum. Oslo is no exception. What sets Oslo apart is that the Norwegian capital also has a real peace museum, as in the nobel peace Center at the downtown aker Brygge area. it’s in the venerable, historically-listed yellow building formerly known as the Vestbanen railway station. in the course of its six years there, it has drawn international acclaim (the magnum photo agency has used it for several exhibitions).

The current show “transit” has Norwegian photographer espen rasmussen’s pictures from places in the world like Afghanistan, Syria, the Congo, Georgia and many other countries where the plight of refugees is still a very current topic. and don’t miss the interactive exhibition that guides you through the history of the peace prize, and allows you and your children to get acquainted with all those who have received the coveted accolade.

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