The Fram Museum

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The Fram Museum
Bygdøynesveien 36
0286 Oslo
23 28 29 50
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The Fram Museum

Even though we can’t prove it, The Fram Museum in the Bygdøy area certainly feels like the coldest museum in Oslo. That may be partly due to the museum setting a specific temperature to preserve the ship Fram used by Norwegian polar explorer, scientist, humanitarian and Nobel peace laureate Fridtjof Nansen. It also may be partly due to the involuntary bone chilling that occurs when walking around reading about things that happened at minus 40 or colder more than a century ago, before the era of Gore-Tex jackets and breathable sports underwear.

It warms the soul a little to see the gramophone player and the piano aboard the ship: A place where there was clearly time for social amenities, even if they were in somewhat stilted forms. According to legend, Nansen and fellow polar explorer Hjalmar Johansen only dispense with formalities between them the winter of 1895, after having shared a sleeping bag for nine months. The Fram Museum also boasts the world’s largest polar book store, with more than 200 titles dedicated to the study of polar regions. Programs can also be tailored to meet special requests: Should you sufer pangs of hunger, you could, for example, enjoy some tapas on deck, or launch into an eight-course dinner in the ship’s salon, based on Arctic specialties, as the home page promises. Unfortunately, we don’t know if polar bear is on the menu, and, if so, which wine goes best with it.

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