Det Andre Teatret

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Det Andre Teatret
Ivan Bjørndals gate 9 0472

Det Andre Teatret

There is no way around it: Going to the theatre is, for many, the definition of everything expensive, stiff and bourgeois. And even though this is not true, there are alternatives for those living in that delusion: The new theatre in the Lilleborg neighbourhood that calls itself Det Andre Teatret (The Other Theatre) also called Teatret Liksom (Theatre Sort Of) recently moved into a former soap factory in Lilleborg.

Det Andre Teatre also likes to call itself “Oslo’s youngest theatre,” partly because they just opened, partly because they want to draw people in who understand the concept of “theatre sport,” partly because they arrange weekend workshops, and perhaps mostly because they have something traditional theatres don’t have: their very own popcorn machine.

Visit Det Andre Teatret website for current program schedule.

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