Bohemen SportsPub

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Bohemen SportsPub
Arbeidergata 2 N-0159
22 41 62 66


There comes a time, at some point in mid-august, that something starts happening in our bodies, as if a veil was drawn aside and all our senses are heightened. it’s partly the autumn, of course, with the feeling of turning a new page, and nature’s own fireworks of colour. But it´s just as much about this: the start of the premier league football season. after three long months of transfer rumours, speculation, wild guessing about rankings, we can at last be reunited with our eternal love: our beloved English football team; a team that is hundreds of kilometres (miles) away and that you only root for because all the kids on the block support some other team. No one loves english football more than norwegians, except – possibly – Englishmen. and it has been so since the late 1960s. Few places in oslo serve English football better than the Bohemen, the regular pub for oslo team Vålerenga’s supporters.

While other football pubs have a dartboard in one corner and a few scarves on the ceiling, Bohemen has the dartboard, the scarves and shelf after shelf of football literature for all those interested, for example, in Leeds’ roster against plymouth in the 1973 Fa Cup quarter final. Those people do exist, and – trust us – there are many more than you might think.

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