Ørland - where nature creates works of art

Ørland - where nature creates works of art

Artists have always tried to capture the incredible interplay between the sea, the sky and sunlight at Ørland. Few have succeeded. For in the flat, vigorous landscape surrounded by the sea on three sides and with the wide vault of heaven where the clouds never seem to rest, nature itself is the artist that is constantly creating new paintings. Watching the sunset on a calm summer night is an experience you can hardly forget.

Ørland is one of the smallest yet most densely populated rural municipalities in Norway and lies on the seaward side of the Fosen peninsula. The fastest way to get there is by catamaran «Kystekspressen» from the Pirterminalen in Trondheim. The trip only takes an hour. If you want to «do Ørland in a day» you can take one of the round trips offered by Fosen Trafikklag which will ensure you see what Ørland has to offer. If you prefer to go by car you can choose between the ferry services: Brekstad - Valset or Flakk - Rørvik.

Rare coastal landscape in central Norway

Ørland is similar to the southern parts of Norway. The spring arrives early and the birds strut with energy and vigour along the extensive beaches. The marshlands that surround Ørland are the most important resting place for migratory birds in Trøndelag.

The flora and fauna show you that this is a mild, fertile climate. In a protected grove at Austråttlunden you can see the world's northernmost wild oak trees that are at least 400 years old, and a stroll here among rare plants and a rich variety of wildlife is an enjoyable natural experience.

”A Norway in miniature” and ” Norway at its most genuine” are expressions used about this peninsula on the coast of Trøndelag. Idylls among skerries and small islands, ruggedness and mountain scenery. Flatlands and steep mountains in constant variation, with the Atlantic straight in. The Norwegian coast has been nominated by National Geographic as one of the world’s 50 most attractive destinations.
The high-speed boat
The high-speed boat "Ladejarl" that travels Trondheim - Kristiansund brings you quickly to the coast.

A gigantic war memorial

Nearby is Austrått Fort, a coastal battery with a triple gun tower which was originally on the battleship «Gneisenau». The military development of Ørland by the German forces is probably one of the reasons why it now is an important NATO airbase.

Fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves

After these experiences, you may feel invigorated as well as tired. Why not stay for the night close to the sea? At Ørland Kysthotell the waves wash the shore just a few metres from where you sleep. This is a completely new hotel with a maritime character reflected in everything from the decor to staff's uniform and the menu. If it is sunny when you wake up, you can relax with refreshments on the terrace, take deep breaths of sea air and enjoy the seascape. If the wind really blows, as it often does, you might get a taste of spray off the sea, which is often just as refreshing.

Ørland Wet Land Systems

Ørlandet wetlands comprises four protected marshland areas. The best known is the Grandefjæra nature reserve. Important area for migrating and moulting birds. Some international protection status as the Ramsar area. Area is subject to special access rules.
Ørland Wet Land Systems
N-7130 Brekstad.
Signpost: N
Situated: Spread over Ørlandet. Grandefjæra is on the west side of the Ørlandet mainland.
Tel: (+47) 72 51 40 00

More info: Activities around Ørland
Kjeungskjær lighthouse in the sunset
Kjeungskjær lighthouse in the sunset

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