Kongsvold Fjellstue (Lodge)

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Kongsvold Fjellstue
Dovrefjell, NO-7340, Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag
+47 72 40 43 40
+47 72 40 43 41
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Kongsvold Fjellstue (Mountain Lodge) - Dovrefjell, Oppdal, Norway

Kongsvold Fjeldstue offers traditions from the 1100s. The mountain lodge tradition dates back to the 12th century, and one of the oldest hotels in Norway, which has been operated in the same house since 1720. Kongsvold has been restored in collaboration with the National Antiquarian and local craftsmen. The hotel is the proud possessor of the Olav’s Rose, the hallmark of the foundation Norwegian Heritage. Kongsvold is situated in the upper part of Drivdalen in Dovrefjell.

The many fine buildings testify to prosperity at Kongsvold in the past, which is also reflected in the rich fittings and furnishings accumulated over the years and still to be found in the buildings. Today, Kongsvold is a mountain lodge rooted in tradition with modern comforts and facilities. There is also a cosy café on the premises which is open during Easter and in the summer.

Kongsvold is also great for seminars and courses. The unique historical setting, relaxed atmosphere and the skillfully prepared catering provides for small parties as well as occasions where the entire lodge is at your disposition. Dinner is served in the excellent, reasonably priced restaurant. The complex also includes a cafe and a small national park information center.

Kongsvold Fjeldstue is the proud possessor of Olav’s Rose, the seal of quality from the Norwegian Cultural Heritage. Both the Pilgrim Way from Oslo to Trondheim and the Royal Road pass through the grounds, the Norwegian Tourist Association’s trails go to Reinheim and Snøhetta, eastwards to Rondane and southwards to Hjerkinn and Eysteinskyrkja Church.

To the north of Kongsvold you can climb the Vårstigen (Spring Path) and guided musk ox safaris are arranged every day of the season.
Kongsvold is a traditional hotel with modern comfort. Situated in beautiful Dovrefjell surroundings you will find easy access from Trondheim and Oslo. Easily accessible by car, train or bus from both Oslo and Trondheim. The Norway Bus Express stops right at the hotel door as daily routes from Bergen, Oslo (390 kilometres) and Trondheim (160 kilometres). The hotel is open from February to November. All trains stop at Kongsvoll railway station. The hotel can collect guest guests from the station. For timetables and booking, please contact the Norwegian National Railway - NSB.

Kongsvold Fjellstue (Lodge) Facilities:

  • 32 rooms with shower and toilet
  • Courses and conferences for 50 people, parties, weddings.
  • Total 74 beds in double, single and family
  • Dining room with room for 74 guests
  • Kongsvold consists of 20 well-maintained buildings and interior contains many antiques from several hundred years of mountain operations.
  • Comfortable lounges, open fireplaces
  • Kurssal and meeting rooms for 65 persons
  • Nice yard and a wonderful historic atmosphere
  • Exciting cuisine for seating 74 guests. Deliciously prepared catering inspired by the magnificent surroundings
  • Fully licensed

Area Activities:

  • Kongsvold Fjellstue is cooperated with two experienced event providers to organize a full range of activities from ice-climbing and mountaineering to various team-building activities. During the summer visit to the botanic gardens nearby the mountain lodge – a popular destination. Also cooperated with local resources to provide music, lectures and other cultural features according to special requirements. Lectures on the fascinating history of Kongsvold are frequently held here. And every autumn, a chamber music weekend is arranged here in cooperation with the Chamber Music Festival in Trondheim.
  • During the winter you can visit one of Norway’s best skiing centres only a half hour drive from Kongsvold.
  • Kongsvold has a small museum exhibiting a number of objects used throughout the years. There is also an interesting exhibition on the national park which portrays geology, animal and bird life and botany – visitors come from all corners of the world to study these exhibits. The museum and national park exhibition have the same opening hours as Kongsvold Kro café.
  • The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) trails go to Reinheim and Snøhetta, eastwards to Rondane and southwards to Hjerkinn and Eysteinskyrkja Church. To the north of Kongsvold you can climb Vårstigen and guided musk ox safaris are arranged every day during the summer season
  • Reindeer, musk ox safari hunting and fishing
  • Crosscountry and downhill skiing. During ski season several tracks to the mountain is prepared, both on the west side towards Snøhetta, and the east side towards Knutshøene.
  • Sleigh rides
  • Interested guests can join experienced guides on safaris to see the musk ox of Dovre.
  • Golf at Oppdal Golfklubb.
  • Dovrefjell National Park
  • Kongsvold Fjeldstue Resorts, Norway

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