Olde Hansa Bergen

Olde Hansa Bergen

Hanseatic Times come alive!

Stride boldly on the wooden streets inside Bryggen to find Olde Hansa, the merchants' gathering place, welcoming ye to join the grand banquets of food and delight. Come fill thy goblets with the finest beer that can be found and the sweet wines of the South. Fill thy stomach with the best of Hansa's dishes till thy soul be fully pleased.The servants hurry to fulfil thy every wish. Soon there will appear before ye a dish flavoured with heavenly spices, from the riches of the merchant's home. If it by thy wish and thye art an honourable company of six or more, ye will be served a Grand Feast where thy table is filled to overflowing with food as more and more dishes are brought to ye for thy delight.

The Hansa merchants have dwelled on these shores for 700 years. The ancient well and the slanted floor show the history of this, one of the oldest restaurants in Norway.

Be welcomed honoured guest, to "Den glade Schötstuen paa Bryggen", Olde Hansa, the only medieval restaurant in Bergen. Bryggens Museum, in a beautiful modern building, houses the extencive medieval finds excavated nearby, and the Hanseatic Museum is in one of the old Hansa buildings and illustrates the life of a 18th century merchant.

A Tallinn visit isn't complete without dining at Olde Hansa in the Old Town. This medieval-themed restaurant features tapestries, candles and musicians playing lutes. Within Tallinn's Old Town square, the Olde Hansa welcomes visitors to a repast of Middle Ages dining authentically reproduced in a setting reminiscent of Estonia's past.

Olde Hansa International - The Medieval Restaurant Concept

Olde Hansa is a restaurant concept dating back to the times of Hanseatic merchants. Olde Hansa respectfully follows the heritage of our forefathers and has so far been established in Tallinn, Estonia and Bergen, Norway. Olde Hansa considers authenticity most important and works hand in hand with historians, architects and local authorities.

Olde Hansa has experienced exceptional success among both locals and travellers. Historians, artists and craftsmen have created the atmosphere of the middle-ages. Beautiful wall-paintings, hand-made furniture and tableware, cozy candlelight and medieval music are just a few examples of the experience Olde Hansa offers its guests.

Medieval feasts with abundance of dishes, special drinks and friendly servants in middle-age dress fill your stomach and amuse your mind with funny stories.

Olde Hansa success story is a rare combination of a profitable business and genuine medieval atmosphere - an example of friendly service and rational production.

As for the food; the recipes and ingredients have been meticulously researched so that your dinner tastes exactly the same as in times yore - even the cooking methods have been copied! Throw in a few buxom wenches in silly costumes and you've got a banqueting experience more medieval than Sir Lancelot's codpiece.

For large groups, book one of the Olde Hansa Grand Feasts and allot at least two hours for the experience. Select from the Game Feast, Saturday Feast, Merchant’s Feast, or Royal Hunting Feast, the latter being the most expensive at 908 EEK (Estonian Krooni) or $80.00 US, per person. This feast includes a number of appetizers and breads as well as Wild Birds, fillet of elk, and at least a dozen other well prepared dishes. Olde Hansa feasts are as close to a medieval buffet as a visitor will get.

Opening hours:
1.9. - 30.4. 12.00 - 24.00
1.5. - 31.8. 10.00 - 24.00

Olde Hansa Bergen
Bryggestredet 2
5003 Bergen
Tel. +47 40 84 33 24.

The Olde Hansa Restaurant in Tallinn's Old Town

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