Orkla Industry Museum

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Orkla Industrimuseum
Løkken Verk
+47 72499100
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Orkla Industrimuseum (Museum)

Orkla Industry Museum is responsible for preservation of the technical historical monuments in Orkdal and Meldal, and is also responsible for enhancing the sights and for presenting industrial and working-class history in an informative and exciting manner.

The Museum operates the Thamshavnbanen railway - the world's oldest railway running on alternating current - and The Old Mine, where visitors can see how mining was carried out in the 1600s and 1700s. Moreover, we have displays at the Løkken Verk information centre showing mining and railway operations.

Maintains industrial engineering heritage in Orkdal and Meldal municipalities, further develop these interesting attractions, as well as provide industry and labor history in an informative and exciting way.

Today you can experience Thamshavnbanen, the world's oldest railway running on AC, and travel with the wagons that came to the opening in 1908. Or maybe you want to experience the "Work and Toil Cathedral, Old Mine, where the miner had his daily battle against the mountain. There are many opportunities for Løkken for those who want adventure.

The story of Thamshavnbanen and mining operations can also experience in the Information center of Løkken center at the train station. Here you will find exhibits that deal with both the railway and mining history. In addition, Orkla Industrial Museum management located here.

ORKLA Industrial also provides experiences beyond the purely historical. We can make the trip to Løkken way you want it. A trip with Thamshavnbanen in a restaurant car is a pleasant experience for everyone. In the restaurant car you can get everything from simple meals with coffee and waffles to the three-course dinner.

In the old mine, an exciting tour punctuated by a concert or a surprise lunch. The possibilities are many and the only limitation is your imagination.

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