Arctic Nuvsvåg (Natural Beauty and Other Activities)

Arctic Nuvsvåg
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Arctic Nuvsvåg (Natural Beauty and Other Activities)

Arctic Nuvsvåg is situated by the Loppa Sea in surroundings of rough natural beauty. Nuvsvåg is located at Map reference: 70 degrees 15 minutes North and 22 degrees 07 minutes East.

Facilities and other activities:

  • You will find Nuvsvåg in Loppa municipality.
  • The bay with mountains "Kollaren" and "Smaltind" encompassing Jomfrudalen ("the Virgin valley")
  • The home of Anne Marie and Oddvar Berge offers you a cosy stay and the chance to experience Nuvsvåg's amazing nature.
  • Two log cabins with the home of your hosts on the right.
  • Svartfjell towering over Nuvsfjord.The cabins and the beach are in the foreground.
  • The two tongues of Øksfjordjøkelen glacier which are accessible from Nuvsvåg.

The best beach is in the bay, offering bathing possibilities for the brave!

Midnight sun:
The midnight sun can be expected from 12th May until 29th July. After this, the days become shorter and shorter until the sun completely disappears on 20th October. For the next 100 days the people of Nuvsvåg live in the Arctic twilight, before the sun appears again on 9th February.

Winter in Finnmark:
The 5-6 month winter in Finn mark can be dark and stormy, as well as still and quiet with northern lights. The snow brings the chance for ski trips and sledging by moonlight or the opportunity to travel the roads on a "spark" (a typical Norwegian means of transportation designed for the icy roads. For the daring, the mountain sides offer downhill skiing or snowboard fun!!)

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