The Numedal valley

The Numedal valley

The green, fertile lands of Numedal valley bring peace to your soul. Even the Numedalslågen river takes its time winding peacefully down the valley from its source high up on the Hardangervidda. The rocky slopes surrounding parts of the valley are, in places, so steep you could believe they were cut out by some axe-bearing giant.

The stave churches
Magic, mysticism and miracles formed a natural part of day-to-life in medieval Norway. The stave churches in Numedal take you back to this mythical age and will enchant you with their delightful use of colours, wonderful wooden carvings and portals. You can learn more of the histories of the four stave churches in Uvdal, Nore, Rollag and Flesberg - the medieval way of life is truly fascinating. And did you know that the word of God has been depicted in puzzles painted on the church walls in Nore stave church?

The villages and hamlets
The traditional hamlets in Numedal are often lively little places. Dåset hamlet is an old Flesberg estate, where 20 of the 23 buildings have been completely preserved. It is thought that the estate was cleared at some point during the Viking era and probably left deserted for a long period after the Black Death. During the summer months, it is home to a whole range of events and exhibitions, with loads of fun and entertainment for both young and old.
The traditional hamlets in Numedal are often lively little places.
Walks and hikes
Numedal has a varied selection of walking and hiking terrain. You can set off on a number of adventures, from waymarked forest trails to long hikes over the vast Hardangervidda mountain plain. You can also go for walks along the ancient Stone Age road between west and east Norway, Store Normannsslepa, which descends into the valley just above Veggli. In the olden days, packhorses were used to carry tonnes of produce to Numedal and Kongsberg to be bartered with at the lively markets.

A good night's sleep in the medieval valley - unique accommodation in traditional farms
The hosts at Nordre Underberget Gård have set very high standards for themselves. The farm has three bedrooms. The traditional lounge has been restored, combining modern comfort with an historical feel. The farm still has animals, and is the perfect base for excursions both summer and winter. Boat, fishing and cycle hire.

At Søre Traaen Gård you can spend the night in the "Gamlestugu" or old lounge (from around 1700) and the "Eldhuset" or firehouse. This farm provides high-standard accommodation with beds for 12, toilet and kitchen. Four of the houses around the spacious farmyard are listed - a unique place you'll find hard to forget! Hunting and fishing in the Numedalslågen and in the mountains. The farm is famous for its "Olavsrosa" or Olav rose.

Sevletunet is an old ancestral farm with a fascinating history and two listed buildings. High-standard accommodation in a restored 18th century barn. 3 rooms with bathroom, shared kitchen and lounge with open fire, cabin. Picturesque landscape, boating and fishing. The farm is famous for its "Olavsrosa" or Olav rose.

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The Numedalsruta trail
What better way to really get to know Numedal valley than by bicycle? The 280 km long Numedalsruta trail takes you from the high mountain plain (1000 metres above sea level), along minor roads through the valley's beautiful cultural landscape. Why not take along your fishing rod and try to catch the trout in Numedalslågen river. Along the route, there are plenty of places to stop where they cater specially for cyclists. Many of the farms you pass by are of historical interest with log houses and barns. The valley is full of treasures from the Middle Ages, in all over 40 buildings preserved from pre 1537. Did you know that Numedal has Norway's oldest house still in use?

Rail tricycling
The railway through Numedal was closed for ordinary rail traffic in 1988, but now you can travel its lengths on a rail tricycle, starting out from Veggli centre.

Fentun women's network
A great way to experience the valley's cultural history and traditions is to get in touch with the Fentun women's network. This is a group of females who all run their own companies. They all work with traditional handicrafts, such as the elaborate embroidery on the "bunad" or national costume, weaving, baking and preparation of traditional foods. They also provide various types of accommodation for visitors.

E.K.T. Langedrag wilderness park
At 1000 metres above sea level, with its breath-taking landscape and views over the fjord, the wilderness park is a true delight. It is home to 21 different species, where lynx, the Arctic fox, wild boar and wolves are in close contact with man. In fact, the park has made groundbreaking progress in their research of communication between wolves and man - in particular with the socialization of wolves Ask and Embla!

A holiday should renew both mind and body. And it's not without reason that many thousands have chosen Numedal as a site for their holiday cabin. Come and see for yourself this summer!

Visit at: Numedal Turist- og Næringsservice as, tel. +47 32 74 13 90.

Travel arrangements: Action Factory, tel. +47 32 74 10 22

E.K.T. Langedrag wilderness park

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