The Norwegian Museum of Vehicle History, Lillehammer

The Norwegian Museum of Vehicle History, Lillehammer

The Norwegian Museum of Vehicle History is located in the town centre of Lillehammer and is Norway's biggest vehicle museum. Here you can see how vehicles have developed from the first sledges and wheeled wagons to the modern-day car. In the museum you will walk around on your own without a guide. Close to the museum are the Glass-blower's Workshop and the Pedestrian Street (Gågata).

An array of vintage vehicles! Enjoy a closer look at the one-seater “Egoist”, or an old, venerable limousine. The museum comprises Norway’s first and largest exhibition of carriages, cars and motorbikes. Shows the development from the first sleighs and wagons to the car of today. It is a living museum where many of the vehicles are placed in the right milieu, showing the roads, petrol consumption, garages and the usage of vehicles in work and leisure.

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 15.00,
Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 16.00.

A: 40,-. C: 20,-. Children under 6 years free. 20% discount for groups.

Address and Contact:
The Norwegian Museum of Vehicle History / Norsk Vehicle museum
Lilletorget 1,
2615 Lillehammer.
Tel.: 61 25 61 65

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