The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre

The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre

This information centre for the Jotunheimen National Park shows how people have used the resources in the mountains from the past to the present day. Multimedia show. Summer exhibition. Tourist office.

The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre is one of 14 autorized National Park Centre in Norway - with the purpose of disseminate knowledge about the nature and the culture in the most visited national park in Norway and the connected areas.

It is a centre of competence for information about nature - and cultural - heritage, and prepares for outdoor activities and outdoor living for creating a understanding for the preservation of natural resources and nature conservation - in the end to inspire for good environmental and safe activities in the nature.

The permanent exhibition - Norwegian Mountain - is constructed by three highlighted expressions of art; the sound, the sandblasted picture "Slide" and the actual form of exhibition.

The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre acheivd autorization as a National Park Centre in 1997, a status given by Ministry of the Environment. Jotunheimen National Park Centre is a part of a mileu of professionals with nature, tourism, out door activities, and nature supervising and administration as sphere. At The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre you will find:
The Norwegian Mountain Museum - the Administration
SNO (Local Mountain Council Jotunheimen)
Lom Fjellstyre (Lom Mountain Council)
Jotunheimen Reiseliv AS - Local Tourist Organisation/ Tourist Office Museet i Nord-Gudbrandsdalen Iks - the Administration
Naturopplevingar AS (Nature Experience)

The Mountain Museum is situated in picturesque surroundings next to a waterfall in Lom centre. The closest neighbours is Lom Stavkyrkje (Lom stave church), built in year 1170 and the peaceful open air area Presthaugen with buildings from the 18th century (Lom Rural Museum).

The Mountain Museum has a shop on the ground floor in the same premises as the local tourist information/ Lom Turistinformasjon.

The Norwegian Mountain Museum
Postboks 5 2688 LOM
Contact address
Phone: 61 21 16 00
Two sweet mammoths at The Norwegian Mountain Museum - Jotunheimen National Park Centre exhibition

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