The Norwegian Industrial Worker Museum

The Norwegian Industrial Worker Museum

Exciting exhibitions about industry and the industrial worker, the dramatic sabotages on the heavy water production plant and the race to develop an atom bomb.

In the old Vemork hydroelectric power station. Surrounded by magnificent scenery, the beautiful building serves as a monument to the history of Norwegian industry. During the Second World War Vemork became an Allied target. It was essential to block German research into atomic fission by halting the production of heavy water at Vemork.

Learn about Norwegian industrial history and the occupation through exhibitions, film and interactive terminals.

Hydro power; Norwegian technology and engineering, and not least the hard work of the navvies and the factory workers, made Rjukan famous as an industrial centre. We will tell you about this pioneering age, about the rapid transition from agricultural to industrial society, and how social, cultural and political conflicts expressed themselves.

From 1st May we exhibit "To Telemark - Foreigners‚ travels in the 19th century". Open 1st May - 30th September

The Norwegian Industrial Worker Museum
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Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum - Surrounded by magnificent scenery, the beautiful building serves as a monument
More details will be found: The industrial revolution in Rjukan

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