The Norwegian Emigration Center

The Norwegian Emigration Center

Center for genealogical research and migration studies. Nationwide source material. Organisers of genealogy courses and theme trips to the USA. Exhibition.

The Western Norway Emigration Center including The Emigrant Church, the Brampton Lutheran Church brought over from North Dakota, USA. The Centre also keeps emigration records for Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, and four stone monuments linked to North American history and Norway’s contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. One monument shows the link between the Vesterhav islands and the New World. Other buildings from the North American pioneering days include a schoolhouse, a homestead and a teacher’s house. There is also a town hall, a jailhouse and a doctor’s surgery. Yearly emigration festival on the weekend around the Fourth of July.

Open: 30.05. - 14.06: Sat and Sun from 12am to 5pm, 20.06 - 09.08: Wed-Sun from 12am to 5pm, 15.08 - 30.08: Sat and Sun from 12am to 5pm

Price: 50,- pers. over 15 years. Booking for groups throughout the year. Min. of 8 pers., NOK40/pers. over 15 years

The Western Norway Emigration Center
Vestnorsk Utvandringssenter
5939 Sletta,
Tel.: (+47) 56 37 20 00
 Historic The Western Norway Emigration Center

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