Norwegian artists - do they exist?

Norwegian artists - do they exist?

Being small country has not stopped Norway from producing bands and artists. All Norwegians are likely to hear of any Norwegian pop star (news travel fast among 4.5 million people, and there aren’t that many artists!)

Foreign artists dominate the charts in Norway, but there are also Norwegian pop stars making it to the top ten. A few have actually gained international fame!

Media attention

Whenever a Norwegian band or artist is launched outside Norway, the journalists give them a lot of attention. Norwegians like reading about fellow countrymen making it abroad. It is also inspiring young pop starts wannabes to keep practicing.

These are some of the Norwegian artists said to be known outside Norway:

Sissel Kyrkjebø:

She sang the Olympic hymn as a duet with Placido Domingo in 1994, and took opera a step further when she worked with the rapper Warren G on “Prince Igor”. In 1997 she did most of the vocals on the Titanic soundtrack. (The humming in the background).
Sissel Official site:
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Sissel Kyrkjebø at the Internet Movie Database:

The Tuesdays:

Started out as “The Tuesday Girls” some years ago. Changed their name and released an album, “the Difficult first album”, in 1998. Later toured the United States. The girls who really can play the instruments themselves are from Larvik in Vestfold. Their self-titled album had some commercial success, especially the single, "It's Up To You". Their follow-up album was rejected by Arista, and the group split up. Former lead singer Laila Samuelsen released a solo album in 2002, and is still involved in writing music.
Official Laila Samuels site:

Espen Lind:

Originally known as “Sway” in Norway, but had to change his name before being launched internationally - “Sway” was already copyrighted by an American band! “When Susannah cries” is one of his songs.
Espen Lind Fan Site:
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Trine Rein:

Some years ago Ms. Rein had massive success in Japan, but since then one hasn’t heard much from her.
Trine Rein Official site:

Libido - Magnet:

The band which emigrated from Norway and settled in London. Libido has been surprisingly successful in the United Kingdom, and the three band members are now trying to get the same status in Norway and in the US.

Even Johansen was born on June 7, 1970 in Bergen, Norway. Even also lived for some time just outside the southern Scottish town of Lockerbie, where he recorded his On Your Side album. Initially, Even was a founding member of the Norwegian rock bands Libido and Chocolate Overdose. During his involvement with Libido, Even conceived a series of songs he thought were inappropriate for the band. His first solo album, Quiet & Still, was released in 2000 under the alias Magnet (in the US, the album was released under his real name). The name "Magnet" originated from when Even was a child with anaemia; he was prescribed a special magnetic tattoo on his left shoulder so it could attract iron. According to his MySpace page, Even is currently working on a new album for 2009.
Magnet's official MySpace page:
Magnet's Fan site:

Lene from Aqua:

Though 75% of Aqua’s members are Danish, the Norwegian media has hyped up the band as Norwegians. The female singer, Lene, is from Tønsberg, Norway. Aqua was sued by Mattel after releasing their song “I’m a Barbie girl” in the US. Mattel lost, and Aqua could continue singing.
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Espen Lind

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