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The Geographic centre of Norway

Caving, hiking in Norway's Midpoint, canoeing, training courses, team building ... We arrange tours and experiences for individuals, businesses, or groups. Here you will get accommodation, activities...

Lodging in Norwegian Mountains

Different types of Lodges In most areas in Norwegian Mountains you will find different types of Mountain-Lodges. Many lodges are owned and operated by member organizations of The Norwegian Mountain...

Cycling in The Northern Norway

Northern Norway is made for cycling. The roads here meander along the fjords, across the mountains and plains, through small fishing villages and past luxuriant isles. On a bike you come into close...

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By Airline Most people travelling to Norway will probably choose to travel by airline. The most international connections go to/from Oslo International Airport Gardermoen. This airport has direct...

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Carwalks is a new and exiting concept and offer to those who are not satisfied just taking in the scenery through the car window. We have designed a number of trips that combine a car journey with...

Norway: Information in English, Norwegian and many other languages

Official sites Government (ODIN) Municipalities Supreme Court The Parliament Office of the Prime Minister The Royal House...