Norveg - National Coast Cultural Heritage Centre, Coastal Museum and Industries

Norveg - National Coast Cultural Heritage Centre, Coastal Museum and Industries

At Rørvik in Vikna, Nord Trøndelag County, the “Norveg” centre was officially opened by Harald, the king of Norway in June, 2004. This Norveg Centre for coastal culture and coastal business in Vikna is a centre for coastal culture and development, with a museum display as a central element. Vikna municipality lies in Namdal and is situated on the open sea. The coastal town and municipal centre of Rørvik is situated centrally on the sea route, and the north-bound and south bound Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) ships anchor up. The brand new museum NORVEG is located near the Coastal Express pier. Every year on the first Thursday in July the Coastal Steamer, is celebrated with a big gathering of people. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures.

Become familiar with coastal Norway’s development in the course of 10 000 years and learn about living coastal communities, as well as the challenges of tomorrow. The building is an interpretation of the coast cultural history, sails leaning against a contemporary wessel. Furthermore acting as a "modern"lighthouse at shore. An important issue of this building is the fact that it has caused massive development effect on this small Community Rørvik (1700 inhab.) in a way giving "Bilbao-effect" on the development of this small coastal community far up in the North of Norway. Vikna’s unique archipelago features 6,000 islands, and offers visitors various activities including ocean fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, diving, hunting, cycling and tour walking.

The centre is a regional “tusenårssted” reflecting the millennial scale cultural heritage. Norveg with its spectacular architecture and its exhibitions in recent years has attracted major domestic and international attention. The cost of the centre was 60 Mill NOK, funded by private and public bodies. Additionally, there are other smaller, long-existing stations (e.g. Svanhovd and Alta in Finnmark) that are established for specific purposes and may not be permanently manned and that are not oceanographic or “marine”. Norveg on Vikna, Heilhornet in Bindal, Ørnerovet on Leka, the fishing village Sør-Gjæslingan in the shipping channel and many more.

The design concept, 3 sails leaning against a modern vessel, is Inspired by the long tradition for fishing combined with the latest in the boat-building industry. An afterdeck completes the concept of the ship heritage. The organization follows the architectural elements. The spine of the building, the main central vessel or hull, houses the administration, the kitchen, and technical parts. The big block on one side, symbolizing the shore the ship is docked to, contains the multimedia and concert/auditorium space.
Norveg's architect is the Icelandic Gudmundur Jonsson
Norveg's architect is the Icelandic Gudmundur Jonsson. His inspiration has been the old fishing villages in Ytre Namdal, where the boats with their sails lay side by side. The three sails of Norveg represent the old, traditional ship, while the three store high hull represents the modern ship. Also there are planned exhibition-area for the museums big collection of open working boats, House for laundry, baking and cooking. Part of the Berggåden old trading post.

Nearby Landnámsvegen – a route from Rørvik and Norveg to Abelvær. A route that will give you a richer experience of the possibilities those are to be found in this coastal landscape in Ytre Namdal. Few areas are mentioned as often in the sagas as the Namdal. The sagaisland Leka has a special position, with its own special history. Here, Northern Europe's first cave paintings were discovered in the Solsem cave in 1912, and this is also the home of Norway's second largest burial mound from Viking times, Herlaugshaugen. The saga also relates that Namdalen produced many early settlers who later left their mark on the history of Iceland. Many of these families have a common origin in the legendary chieftaincy of Hrafnistad - now Ramstad in Naeroy. The story has given its name to the stretch of road "Landnâmsveien". At the end of the road is Abelvaer, 'the white town', one of the most picturesque sites on the Namdal coast. This is the main base of the Brandtzaeg family, a well-preserved, centrally located building environment on the Namdal coast from the latter half of the 1800's.

Through a narrated play you can learn what life was like on the Namdalen coast in the old days. The maid Pernille Olsdatter Buøy takes you back 100 years and talks to you about her dreams and everyday experiences. This extraordinary guided tour takes you through the many buildings of the museum. Ticket: NOK 70.00/ 30.00. Tickets are on sale at Norveg, where the tour starts. Exhibition, guided tour during opening hours, museum shop

The Norveg exhibition

Get to know coastal Norway's development through the exhibition, “The country with the big sea outside”, tells Norway’s coastal history through the last 10,000 years. In Norveg the audio visual, digitized and interactive presentations are all present in between the various items from prehistorical times, and reconstructed environments from various periods in time. The modern audio guides will be your story teller throughout your journey in the exhibition. Exciting persons and events will meet you on your way.
The Norveg exhibition

The Norveg sail - Café and Restaurant

Experiencing our senses is increased in the space between the sails. Surrounded by the spectacular architecture and the sea, the restaurant chef invites you on a culinary journey in various compositions from the sea! You can have your cup of coffee and a cookie. Conferences, meetings, events, traveling groups all gather here. Tel: +47 74 39 08 50, email:


Experience local history fi rst hand and join a guided excursion through the Coastal Museum in Nord-Trøndelag, featuring Woxeng’s Collections and numerous historical buildings in Rørvik’s city centre. At the Norveg regional museum and cultural centre, 10,000 years of history are presented through a fascinating exhibition. Make the trip to the municipalities two protected fishing villages; Sør-Gjæslingan and Nordøyan. Stay in old fishermen’s huts, in the home of the station’s owner, or take a guided day tour. Join us on a historical walk. From building to building until we end our tour at the old Berggården Trading Post.

Rørvik’s new “highlight” – Norveg – towers majestically over the harbor area. This is also where the north- and southbound Coastal Express ships meet every evening. With the coastal express “Namdalingen” you can bring your cycle, hop on board and explore the Namdal archipelago. You can go ashore at Jøa, Leka and the islands Sør- Gjæslingan or continue to Rørvik, and visit the national coastal culture centre Norveg.

Kystriksveien Norwegian Coastline

Kystriksveien Coastal Route is the world's most beautiful tourist routes. The journey begins in Steinkjer, in the heart of Trondelag, and ends in Boda. Nordland calls itself the world's most beautiful coastline. If you drive along Kystriksveien coastline you will understand why. The 650 km stretch contains some of the loveliest scenery on the Norwegian coastline. Some places and attractions may already be known to you, such as Svartisen glacier, Saltstraumen, the Seven Sisters mountain range and Torghatten mountain. Why not visit the Petter Dass museum outside Sandnessjøen. You should also visit the coastal cultural centre Norveg in Rørvik. Both are modern museums with beautiful and exciting architecture.


  • 2004 Nominated to the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe 2005 for the building Norveg
  • Norveg was nominated to the "European Museum of the Year Award 2005", and was nominated to one of Europe's most prestigious prizes for new architecture - the «Mies van der Rohe Award 2005 - the EU's official architectural award. (The prize in 2005 was won by the Dutch embassy in Berlin).
  • 2006 The”Prize of Building-Culture” for NORVEG in Vikna Municipality

Location and Contact:

Norveg and The Coastal Museum of Nord-Trøndelag, Woxengs Samlinger lies "moored" at the coastal town of Rørvik in Nord-Trøndelag. You may come to Norveg by plane, Hurtigruten, speed boat or by car.
Total area: 1,703.7 square meters (+stairs, barge and terrace)
Completed: 2004
Client: Vikna Municipality for the Woxeng Collections
Architect: Gudmundur Jonsson
Visiting Address: Strandgt. 7, NO-7900 Rørvik, Vikna, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Postal Address: Norveg, PB 177, 7901 Rørvik, Norway
Norveg reception office: Tel: +47 74 39 04 41, +47 74 36 07 70 (10:00 - 17:00)
Fax: +0047 74 39 22 72

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