Hammerfest Turist AS

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Hammerfest Turist AS
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Hammerfest Turist AS

Hammerfest Tourist is an organization that markets Hammerfest and Kvalsund as a tourist destination, to tourists as well as meeting/conference organizers in Norway and abroad. Our operations are subdivided into the following three sections: Marketing, Tourist information/hospitality and Guide services.

Our activities cover these areas:

  • Marketing and sales with respect to Hammerfest and Kvalsund as a tourist destination
  • Building/strengthening networks and information for our members
  • Initiator of quality control, product development and rising skill levels
  • Operating the tourist information offices
  • Running/developing guide services
  • Assistance and information to members of the press
  • Project management

We distribute the following information and marketing materials:

  • The official Internet Site for Hammerfest and Kvalsund
  • The official Hammerfest and Kvalsund Presentation Brochure
  • The official Travel Guide for Hammerfest and Kvalsund
  • The official city map for Hammerfest

For the travel industry and the press:

  • Free photoservice on the Internet for Hammerfest and Kvalsund
  • Product Manual for Hammerfest and Kvalsund
  • Meeting/conferences Product Manual for Hammerfest and Kvalsund
  • Excursions Presentation Brochure

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