The North Sea Traffic or Maritime Museum in Telavåg

The North Sea Traffic or Maritime Museum in Telavåg

The North Sea Traffic or Maritime Museum is situated in Telavåg on the island Sotra west of Bergen. During World War II Telavåg played an important role in the North Sea Traffic – the illegal boat traffic between Norway and Great Britain. It is one of the six museum of Museum Vest.

The museum was opened 26th April 1998. It is a spectacular and modern building having cinema theater seating 100 people and a conference room. The Telavåg conferences held in the Nordsjøfartmuseet have focused on other aspects of war/peace questions and issues related to breach of human rights.

The permanent exhibition of The North Sea Traffic Museum deals with the Telavåg tragedy. The museum also exhibits The North Sea Traffic and Shetland-Larsen, a central person in this traffic, and also temporary exhibitions, mostly about war/human rights. Exhibitions about the Televåg tragedy, Televåg was destroyed during the Second World War. The North Sea traffic 1940-45, Shetlands-Larsen. Film, cafeteria with hot meals.

The North Sea Traffic or Maritime Museum has three permanent exhibitions are:

The Telavåg Tragedy

The exhibition shows how and why the local community Telavåg has a unique standing in the history of the occupation of Norway. No other place in Norway was subjugated by German terror to such a degree. The whole village was destroyed, and all the inhabitants forced to leave. Most of the men were sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany. Many never saw Telavåg again. The film about the tragedy is shown every half hour.

The North Sea Traffic 1940-45
The tragedy of Telavåg was connected to the North Sea Traffic. A few people had crossed the North Sea to Great Britain, mostly to Shetland, already by the summer of 1940. This developed eventually into organized traffic on both British and Norwegian sides. Refugees left in boats from the west coast of Norway and agents on special missions returned from Shetland. The exhibition shows various aspects of this traffic.

Leif A. Larsen.- "The Larsen"
"The Larsen" took part in the North Sea Traffic. The exhibition tells about his experiences during the Second World War and his civil life.

May- September: Every day 11am - 4pm.
Every Sunday: 12am - 5pm.
Or by appointment.

The North Sea Traffic or Maritime Museum in Telavåg
N-5380 Televåg, Norway
Near Bergen centre, Telavåg (on the island Sotra west of Bergen)
Telephone: 47 5632 7440
Fax: 47 5633 8613
played an important role in the North Sea Traffic – the illegal boat traffic between Norway and Great Britain.

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