North Norway

The North of Norway, sharing the degree of latitude with Greenland and Alaska the similarities also ends there. Because the Golf Stream injects warm water along the Norwegian coastline, the nature in North Norway is quite different from these other arctic areas.
North Norway map
Norway is called the land of the Midnight Sun, but it is truly only in the Northern part of Norway that this extraordinary phenomena can be seen. You will see a magnificent picture of the sun's path through all 24 hours of the day. Do this. It is worth it.
midnight sun
Tourists who visit this part of Norway never hold back on their aesthetic vocabulary to describe what they see. Magnificent, incredible beautiful, and wild is just some of them. This is Reine in Lofoten, centre of whats left of Norwegian whale hunting.
lofoten island
THOUSAND YEARS AGO one of the biggest houses of the Viking Age stood on the Wuthering Heights of Borg on the Lofoten islands. Here the mistress of the household and the chieftain held sway.
the Viking museum at Borg
Most people associate Norway with mountains and don't understand how it is possible to build anything here. In the background of this picture we see the Seven Sisters, which dominate the landscape around Sandnessjoen.
Sandnessjoen behind seven sisters mountains
Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway. It is a popular sight for tourists and climbers. You find it in the southernmost part of Northern Norway.
Svartisen covered by glaciers
Most people in Northern Norway live close to the sea, and from Traena the horizon is a beautiful sight on a summer day.
Hestmannen - the ”Horse-man” is a landmark. North of the arctic circle you are able to see the midnight sun. The arctic circle goes right across this island.
Tradition has it that the hole in Torghatten was made by an arrow from Hestmannen - the ”Horse-man”. The Saga also narrate how the many mountains along our coast came to be. The hole in Torghatten is 166 meters long, 75 meters high and up to 28 meters wide. Torghatten is situated about 15 km from Brønnøysund. There is a groomed trail up to the hole (about a 20 min. walk). Proceed at your own risk.
Lofoten is the most popular tourist area in Northern Norway. This group of islands along the coast west of Narvik (see map above) has throughout the history of Norway been the most important fishing district. Flakstad is one of the idyllic small communities which tourists often are looking for. Here is the flakstad beach.
flakstad beach
Settlement is often characterized by short way to the fishing areas. Today Andenes is more famous for its satellite base from where a satellite is send up to the atmosphere twice a year.
Andenes night
Lodingen is an old trade center but become an important communication center. Surrounded by mountains, and open ocean it is one of the more beautiful places to visit in Lofoten.
Lodingen, lofoten
Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway, still with less than 60,000 inhabitants. Here you find the world northernmost beer brewery, and to taste their favorite meal 'Mack beer and sea-gull eggs', make a visit well worth trying.
Hammerfest is the worlds northernmost city.
You have finally reached at the end of Norway, and the last stop of our virtual tour around Norway. Nordkapp, a rugged piece of rock jutting into the Arctic Ocean at 71 11'21'' is Europe's northernmost point. (If you don't count Knivskjellodden, a peninsula to the west that reaches 71 11'48''). From an underground exhibit center you can view the midnight sun from inside the cliff, or you can walk along the cliffs, which plunge more than 1,000 feet into the Arctic Ocean. We hope that you have enjoyed our tour, and welcome you back any time!
Nordkapp behind the clouds

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