Norsk Folkemuseum - a virtual fairytale

Norsk Folkemuseum - a virtual fairytale

The Norwegian Folk Museum is a museum where you can wander from reigon to region and experience virtually all of Norway in a day.

In the world´s oldest open air museum - and one of Europe's largest - there are more than 150 buildings - an "old city" with houses from several Norwegian towns, farm environments from the valleys, the fjords and the coastal areas, and the splendid Gol Stave Church from approximately the year 1200. The Folk Museum has more than 230.000 objects, many of which you will find in our indoor exhibitions; National Art, National Costumes and Lapp.

A living museum
Throughout the year, the Norwegian Folk Museum offers an extensive programme for the public - folk dancing, family activities, lectures, guided tours, concerts and many other activities. During the summer, you are welcomed by country courtyard hosts in traditional attire. There are many activities for children and a separate toy exhibition. In the summer, rides with horse and cart are arranged and the children can meet the animals in the Open-air Museum.

Norwegian Evening
Join in the evening programme which is conducted in the English language. You can follow a guided tour around the museum, be entranced by readings of Norwegian folk tales and live folk music, see the traditional costumes, taste the freshly made pancakes and even join in the folk dancing.

The museum is located on the museum island of Bygdøy, 15 minutes from the city centre. Boat from Aker Brygge in the summer (Rådhuskaia), and bus (no. 30) from the city centre via the National Theatre. Open every day in the period 15.5 &endash; 14.9, 10.00 &endash; 18.00 hours.

The Norwegian Folk Museum, Museumsvn. 10, Oslo.

Tlf.: +47 22 12 37 00.
Traditional folk dress from Hallingdal and Telemark. In Norwegian.

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