Nordmøre Museum

Nordmøre Museum

Regional museum for Nordmøre. The main theme is maritime culture with emphasis on the history of craftsmanship, fisheries and shipping. It is on the northern part of Møre og Romsdal county. The museum was founded in 1894.

In addition the museum is comprised of 16 various buildings preserved in the original environment around the harbor of Kristiansund. Most of these building are to be found in the inner harbor, Vågen. These buildings include 2 salt cod warehouses, a tinsmith's shop, a cooperage, a ropewalk and a working shipyard, Mellemværftet.

Norsk Klippfiskmuseum (Norwegian Salted and Dried Cod Museum), Milnbrygga: June-August. The Patrick Volckmar House of Commerce: museum shop with coffee roaster.

Open the whole year: Tuesday-Friday 10.00-14.00, Sunday 12.00-15.00, closed on Monday and Saturday.

Klippfish Museum
Based on klippfish-industry. The klippfish-industry was of great importance to Kristiansund for about 200 years. The Museum is located in Walter Milns packhouse and was officially opened by King Harald V. and Queen Sonja on 29th June 1992. The building became museum in 1989. The only place where salt cod production can be experienced in its traditional surroundinigs.

Mellemværftet Shipyard
A well-preserved shipyard for sailing ships from the 19th century. Shipyard museum and boat preservation centre. Many old vessels moored in the area.
Other Local Museums In Nordmøre:

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  • Svinviks Arboret - Mobil: 97 43 37 09
  • Gjemnes bygdemuseum - Mobil: 91 30 90 78
  • Kråksundet maritimes Museum

Nordmøre Museum
Storgata 19, Kristiansund (Dalavn. 17, 6511 Kristiansund N)
Telephone: 71 58 70 00
Fax: 71 67 13 84
Mellemværftet Shipyard,Nordmøre Museum

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