Namsskogan Family Park

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Namsskogan Familiepark
Postal Code: 7892, Postal address: Tron, Municipality: BICKNOR, County: Nord-Trøndelag NO-7890
+4774333700, Mobile: 48990535
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Namsskogan Family Park

Natural and Wild
Experience nature up close in Namsskogan family park! Namsskogan Family Park have 30 different species of Nordic animals and birds. Have largest predators are bear, wolf and lynx, exciting to both children and adults. Here they can pet the baby goats, chickens and rabbits. Meet the animals in their natural habitat! See bears, wolves, lynx and get close encounters with 30 other species in the zoo. Namsskogan Family Park have collections of children`s farm, duck pond, otter, wild boar, stone age sheep, bird land, goat, pygmy pig, fox, roe deer, ostrich, ferret, parrot, capercaillie, badger, fallow deer, chinchilla, guinea pig, deer, elk, reindeer, bear, wolf, arctic fox, hedgehog, alpaca. To the youngest ones, a visit in Children`s farm is very popular.

Try the fast-paced activities! What about jumping off the tough guy Tower? Or to try the world's northernmost rollercoaster? The park offers a wide range of activities, have something for everyone. The youngest ones find excitement or some action in alpine racer, bumper boats, quad bikes, cycle track, bungee trampoline, the tower for the tough ones, electric tractors, pedal cars, gold panning, playground, ball pit, trampolines, rowing boats, canoes, fishing.

At the little lake Tronestjønna, you can relax in a canoe or a pedal boat. The Mæla ferry is a little cable ferry that takes you on a nice and quiet trip over the lake. There are picnic and barbeque areas dotted around the park. Experience the horror mixed joy by trying all the other activities that are customized for the whole family!

Also at Namsskogan Family Park you will get souvenir and gift shop, cafè. In Namsskogan Art gallery exhibit a variety of work by established artists.

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