Museum Vest

Museum Vest

Museum Vest consists of six museums in Bergen and on the islands west of Bergen;The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene, Norwegian Fisheries Museum, The North Sea Traffic Museum, Fjell fortress, Herdla Museum and the Coastal Museum in Øygarden. Museum Vest focuses on coastal culture, fisheries, international fish trade and various aspects of the German occupation of Norway during World War II. Buy a Museum Vest ticket! Paying NOK 100 you may see all six museums!

The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene - centrally on Bryggen in Bergen

The museum shows how the German merchants from The Hanseatic League lived and worked. From 1350 to 1750 these merchants traded stockfish and grains from their office in Bergen. The museum was opened in 1872 and has two trading houses, one facing the sea and one in back of the tenement. You may walk through this building from 1704, the only house on Bryggen which has kept its original interior.

Norwegian Fisheries Museum - on Bontelabo at the far end of the harbour of Bergen

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum hosts displays on Bontelabo at the far end of the harbour of Bergen. The Norwegian history of fisheries, mainly during the last 150 years, is presented here.

Exhibitions: The history of the Norwegian fishing fleet, development of fishing tackle and marine engines. Fishing for herring, cod and salmon. Whale and seal hunting. Processing of catches: Dried fish, split cod, fish oil etc. Also Films and Cafe.
Norwegian Fisheries Museum at Museum Vest - on Bontelabo at the far end of the harbour of Bergen

The North Sea Traffic Museum - in Telavåg on the island Sotra west of Bergen

Fjell fortress - on the island Sotra, west of Bergen

To secure the entrance to Bergen, Fjell fortress was built by the Germans during their occupation of Norway. The work started in 1942 and was only stopped by the Germans’ capitulation in 1945. Fjell fortress constituted one part of the “Atlantic wall” which made the German frontlines going all the way along the Atlantic Ocean from The Arctic Ocean to the Pyrenees. When World War II ended, the Norwegian National Defence took over Fjell fortress, first as a part of the Coastal Defence Battery, then later as a radar station.

Herdla museum - on the island Herdla far north in Askøy

Drive over Norway's longest suspension bridge for a wonderful view of Bergen. Visit Herdla. The journey from Bergen takes 45 minutes. Hundreds of bird species have been observed at Herdla, one of Norway's largest bird sanctuaries. The island's extraordinary landscape has been populated since before Viking Times. Herdla museum covers the history of the area, including an exhibition about the German airbase here during the second World War.
visit Herdla
The museum presents natural and cultural- historical themes. One important theme is about Herdla during World War II when a German airbase was stationed here. The exhibition shows models of airplanes, an airport and a defence base in addition to a number of items from the war days. The museum has furthermore an exhibition about how the landscape on Herdla was formed after the last ice period.

The Coastal Museum - at Ovågen in Øygarden

The main exhibition here, “Sea and Wind – Earth and Fire”, deals with how energy and resources have been in use for 10 000 years in a typical Norwegian coastal society. The area around the modern museum building also shows a coastal environment with its boathouses, salt house, boats and tools. The museum owns other buildings like a turf house and a water mill.

Museum Vest Location and Contact:
Open: main season May-August.
Price: Museum Vest ticket NOK 70.
Guide: N, GB (D, F)
Situated: Bergen centre, Telavåg, Fjell, Askøy and Øygarden

Museum Vest
N-5337 Rong.
Tel: (+47) 56 38 50 50
Fjell fortress Museum at Museum Vest

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