The municipality of Modalen

The municipality of Modalen

Welcome to the municipality of Modalen.

Modalen lies at the innermost end of Osterfjord. It has dramatic surroundings, with steep mountains, powerful waterfalls and widespread moors. Modalen has great possibilities for outdoor activities, such as walks in the mountain area of Stølsheimen and fishing in the fjord,the lakes and the rivers.

Modalen is a small municipality with a population of 350 people in the western part of Norway. Modalen is located at the end of Osterfjorden (mentioned several times in this Blog) and you have to go through the magnificent salt-water current called Mostraumen to get there by boat. Nowadays you can of course get there by car.

Nice beaches with white sand can be found many places in the world. This particular one is located in second smallest municipality in Norway, Modalen. It has only 366 inhabitants, but on the other hand they have each 1 sq. km. to play around in.

The centre, Mo, is also worth a visit. In 1999, the municipality of Modalen was awarded a prize by the county of Hordaland for the restoration work that has been been done in the area.
Modalen great view
The characteristic row of buildings and the promenade by the pier welcome the boating tourists. Here you find shops, post office, cafés, 20 new holiday apartments and tourist information. The white beach has become a landmark in Modalen, and it is a popular place for outings and picnics for families with small children on a warm summer´s day.

Osterfjord lies halfway between Voss and Bergen - an area of great contrasts between the high mountains and the fjord. It comprises the municipalities of Modalen, Osterøy and Vaksdal and is easily accessible by car, train or boat. The E39 and E16 roads and the Bergen Railway link Osterfjord to Bergen and Voss.

Modalen is the second smallest municipality in Norway, with an area of 385 square kilometers. Life is good in Modalen - both for children and grown-ups. The area is rich in natural resources, and it has good school and health facilities. Wish you welcome to Modalen!

Modalen Kommune
Pb. 44
5729 Modalen, Hordaland

Osterfjord Tourist Office
Dale Stasjon
NO-5280 *dalekvam
Phone: 56 59 66 22
Fax: 56 59 71 01
The white beach has become a landmark in Modalen

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