Mountain biking in Narvik

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Mountainbiking in Narvik
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Mountain biking in Narvik

Experience Narvik’s unforgettable view. One of the most famous viewpoints in Northern Norway is the plateau at the mountain restaurant in Narvikfjellet. From here, you can experience a view with dramatic changes from midnight sun and blue skies to powerful cloud formations encompassing the Ofot fjord.

Great days in spectacular surroundings. Relaxed atmosphere with a gondola lift and the midnight sun at one of Scandinavia’s best downhill slopes. Smooth rock slope and downhill biking with a view overlooking glaciers and fjords – 24 hours a day. All of this in one place – Narvik.

The trail in the Narvik mountains is varied in itself, and includes straight and winding stretches, some of which are cambered.

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