Mountain Trail At Lofthus - Hardanger Mountain Trail

Mountain Trail At Lofthus -  Hardanger Mountain Trail

Lofthus Hardanger Mountain Trail takes you into the high mountains, via the Munketreppene stairs to Nosi and the Hardangervidda (approx. 950 metres above sea level). The mountain trail at Lofthus provides the setting for a roundtrip that will take you up the Lofthus hillside via the Monks' Steps to Hardangervidda and down Frøyneslia. The Munketreppene stairs are thought to have been made by the monks who lived here in the 13th century. It takes around 5 hours to walk from Lofthus to Nosi and back again. A total of 7 displays with themes depicting mountain farm life and the Hardangervidda National Park and featuring paintings by the artist Lars Korff Lofthus.

Details About The Mountain Trail At Lofthus

Ullensvang municipality has approximately 3.420 inhabitants and covers a area of 1.398,8 km2 in the Conty of Hordaland The district centree is Kinsarvik, Lofthus and Utne. Lofthus stands on Sørfjord, an arm of Hardangerfjord, and is best described as one vast orchard overlooked from across the fjord by the Folgefonn Glacier. The main attractions are Hardangarvidda mountain plataau. Fruit trees were first brought here by Cistercian monks at the close of the 12th Century and the large stone Monks Steps and now provide one of the gateways to the Hardangervidda plateau. Lofthus produces 80% of Norway’s fruit harvest, mostly apples but also pears, plums and cherries.

Lofthus, the Nosi walk is a fantastic viewpoint above Lofthus (called Nosi or “the Nose”). The cloud hanging over the mountains on the far side of the valley is very typical – there is usually less cloud. There are various paths around Lofthus that make up the Fruit Trail, with interesting facts presented along the way on giant information boards. The waterfall trail consists of 8 information panels regarding water power, the National Park and cultural history in general. Four magnificent waterfalls within 3 hrs walk along good trails in wonderful nature.

Experience Hardangers culture and stunning nature on this adventurous walk. Starting off in Lofthus by the fjord, you will walk through the forest passing the famous monksteps, before reaching the Hardan- gervidda plateau where you will have a spectacular view of the fjord and Folgefonna glacier, 1,040m above sea level. Crossing the river, you will return to Lofthus down the narrow path ”Frøyneslia”. Along the trail you will encounter seven decorative and informative displays to guide you on your walk. The walk takes about 5 hours (roundtrip).

Lofthus was a favourite region for artists, in particular Norway’s most famous composer, Edvard Grieg. However, the village's location is most suited to those seeking magnificent walking and hiking trails accompanied by quality accommodation in which to relax and spoil one’s self. This is what spring is like in Hardanger. Lofthus is a good place to experience this. The local vicar hosted travellers already in the 18th century. And the famous norwegian painters Tidemand and Gude have shown their impressions through Norway's most famous painting, "The Bridal Journey of Hardanger".

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Old Lofthus Church
The church was first built c1250 but has been restored since, with beautiful painted details and a decorated gallery inside; the churchyard is also beautifully maintained with neat displays of plants and flowers on most of the graves. There are some fine trees around the edge of the churchyard, including two large beeches. There are some large, worn stones propped against the church wall outside. These are old tombstones, dating back to the 14th century.

Location: Lofthus, Ullensvang

Hardanger Mountain Trail - Map:
Mountain Trail At Lofthus - Map

Mountain Trail At Lofthus - Hardanger Mountain Trail
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