Mountain Hiking With Snow Shoes

Mountain Hiking With Snow Shoes

Snow shoes gives you a different experience during the winter, making it easier and safer to walk in the mountain. It is easy to turn slowly and controlled in down hills. At the same time you an run if you want. Our guide takes no more than 25 people on snow shoe trips. We rent snow shoes and a small meal will be served on the top of the mountain Havrenos. There are to alternatives for trips: Day trip and evening trips with head light. The trip takes approximately 3 hours. You should be generally well fit to join the trip.

Oddbjørn Lynghammer tells you local history on the mountain hike to Havrenos. Here you will take part in the nature and the rich animal life which are in Røldal.

Map For Mountain hiking with snow shoes:
Map for Mountain hiking with snow shoes

Røldal, Hardangervidda, Odda, Røldal

Contact Mountain hiking with snow shoes
Kyrkjevegen 24
5760 Røldal
Phone: 53 64 73 85
Fax: 53 64 76 22

Activities and Services Around Hardangervidda

Vøringfossen have for a long time been the most visited natural attraction. Hardangervidda and Hardanger fjord is well-known far beyond the borders of Norway. Hardangervidda mountain plateau is the largest in Northern Europe.

Hardangervidda Area Mountains Guide
Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord
Hardangerviddahallen restaurant and café
Hardangervidda National Park
Hardangervidda from Odda

Hardanger Golf Club
Driving range and 6-hole golf course on the Hardangervidda plateau, 750 meters.
Ph. 53 66 57 79/97 53 10 88

Hardangervidda Skieldorado Sysendalen
Very popular destination in winter. 3 slopes, 80 km of groomed trails. Family Friendly. Ph. 53 66 57 44

Approx. 1 km from Dyranut is a 10 km toll road (£ 50 -) inward Hardangervidda. This is nice to walk on, particularly suitable for cycling. From Tinnhølen you can cycle along a 5 km long dirt road.

Summer Season: 01.07. – 15.09
There are many opportunities for short and long walks on Hardangervidda. The trails are marked with a red T on stone cairns. The tourist office can help you with suggestions.
Winter Season: Many catering cottages are open at Easter. Ski routes are Easter.
Recommendations Maps for hiking on the Hardangervidda:
- Hardangervidda 1:100 000
- Eidfjord 1:50 000
- Bjoreio 1:50 000
- Hardangerjøkulen 1:50 000

Excellent opportunities for small game hunting. Season: 15.09. – 28.02. More information call at. 53 67 34 00

Excellent fishing in rivers, lakes and fjords. Fjordfishing free. Permits can among other things bought at the tourist office.

Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Cruise Forsiden - Tide Reiser
Hardanger Breføring, Odda
Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Spring Vacation Activities
Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Glacier Hiking
Mountain Trail At Lofthus - Hardanger Mountain Trail

Hardangerfjord Cruise
Between 11.07 to 16.08: Departure from Halne at 10.00, 13.00 and 14.00.
Return from Sleipa / Skaupa at 10.30, 13.30 and 14.30.
Between 01.07 to 10.07 and from 17.08 to 06.09:
Departure from Halne at. 13.00. Return from Sleipa / Skaupa at. 13.30.
Ticket price: Adults £ 170, - Children kr.85 - (under 12 years.)
Roundtrip 250, - Children NOK 170, -
By 06.09 on order. Tel: 47 53 66 57 12

Helicopter / Seaplane
Information on Eidfjord Tourist Office


Sysendammen is one of Norway's largest rockfill dams. The dam is 1160 m long, the dam consists of 3.6 million cubic meters of stone and fill mass. The dam is situated on Route 7 on the Hardangervidda, about 30 km from Eidfjord and is easily visible from the road. Information and parking at the dam

You will Hallingdal when you follow Route 7 across Hardangervidda in the direction Oslo. Hallingdal offers many activities ranging from moose to rafting and motorsport. The Gol will find both Spa and Tropicana Waterworld. There is also a part attractions worth seeing, the stave churches in Torpo and Gol. Here you can watch glass blowers in action.

Horse riding
Geilo Horse Center offers horseback riding for adults and children. Knowledge is not needed. Skilled instructors operate the riding. It provided hours riding in the local community, Half and day trips in the mountains. There is also horseback riding over several days. Geilo Horse is located in Geilo, ca. 1.5 hours from Eidfjord. You get to Geilo follow Route 7 across Hardangervidda.

Eidfjord Cabin
Cabins by the fjord. Experience the fjord and rock from the cabin at the head of Hardangerfjord.
- 40/60 m2
- 2 / 3 bedrooms
- Fully equipped kitchenette
- Shower and WC
- 20 min. to Hardangervidda
Phone: 53 66 53 40/90 63 87 74
Fax: 53 66 54 04
Internet: www.eidfjord. Com

Eidfjord Guesthouse
Nice houses at the foot of Hardangervidda. We have 4 double rooms and a single room with shared sanitation.,
and 6 semi-detached cottages, with Joint sanitair. Reasonable prices. Comfortable living room with reading material, board games and access to the internet. Serves breakfast in the cozy dining room. In addition,
we have a pancake restaurant, where We bake pancakes on the old uniform pattern. We also serve
different coffee drinks with stone baked cakes and other baked goods. Cozy patio.
Eidfjord Guesthouse
Highway 110
NO 5784 Upper Eidfjord
Phone: 53 66 53 46
E-mail: info @ upper-eidfjord. Com
Internet: www.ovre-eidfjord. Com

Vivelid Fjellstova
At the entrance to Hardangervidda National Park in the lush Veig Valley. The hosts have roots in Vivelid
back to the 1700s. Sibling pair, and the artists Kari and Lars Vivelid raised in the oldest Vivelid house is in a conservation Process, Kari lodge.
Vivelid Fjellstova
Phone during business hours: 45 20 65 96
E-mail: vivelid.fjellstova @

Hedlo Turisthytte
Located in Hardangervidda National 950 meters. in the beautiful Veigdalen. Hedlo has been driven since 1926, and has 50 beds in 2 - and 4 beded room. Food, beer and wine. Approximately 2.5 hours walk from Hjølmaberget, makes the trip ideal for families with small children, company tours and holiday.
Hedlo Turisthytte
Phone: 97 69 26 32 (in season)
Phone: 67 54 26 95 (out of season)

Dyranut Fjellstova
Dyranut mountain lodge is located on Top of the Hardangervidda Route 7 (1245 m asl.) Good capacity
and sleeping space for 20 people. Fantastic views and great hiking terrain! We specialize in home made
food, with ingredients from the mountains and Hardanger.
Dyranut Fjellstova, Hardangervidda,
5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 53 66 57 16/90 84 49 03

Halne Fjellstova
• on Highway 7 Hardangervidda.
• 1140 m.o.h.
• 44 km from Geilo
• 50 km from Eidfjord.
• Cabins-apartment-rooms.
• Pleasant cafeteria seating 100 guests.
• dishes from Halnefjorden - wild - sour cream porridge.
• All licensed.
• 40 min. to go to Halne Ben,
• beautiful view of the Hardanger- Jokul and Hall.
• Hunting and fishing.
Opening hours:
from Easter to approx. October 5th. The hosts Life and Anders Vaksdal wish you welcome.
Halne Fjellstova
5785 Vøringfoss
Phone: 1953 1966 1957 1912
Fax: 53 66 50 83

Tourist Offices around Hardanger and Hardangervidda

Activities Around Røldal in Hordaland county, Norway

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