Statskog Nordland (Nature Areas)

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Statskog Nordland
Nordlandsveien 18 NO-8626
Mo i Rana
+47 74213000
+47 75 15 79 51

Statskog Nordland (Nature Areas)

Statskog is the biggest owner of nature areas in this area. With Okstindan and Saltfjellet/ Svartisen as the most known areas, you'll find areas to hike in like nowhere else. here you'll find beautiful valleys, eternal ice, caves, rivers, lakes, culture treasures and high mountains.

Statskog does also have a lot of open cabins in the area.

Statskog SF is a state-owned enterprise with a history back to 1860. Principal activities are forestry and land-use management on behalf of the Norwegian Government. Statskog SF is the landowner of about 20% of the Norwegian mainland surface.

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