Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum

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Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum
Postbox 104
8459 Melbu
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Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum

The national fishing industry museum was established in the spring of 1991 as a public institution, and was named Norsk Fiskeindustrimuseum. The University of Tromsø, University of Bergen, NHH Bergen, Norges sildesalgslag, Sildemelfabrikkenes landsforening, LO, SND, Vesterålen regionråd, Hadsel kommune, Melbu Fiskeindustri, Vesterålsmuseet and NAKV are members of the institution.

Supported by Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the museum has bought the abandoned plant of Neptun herring oil factory, and started reparations and renovations for museum use. Here, technical equipment and other cultural and historical artifacts from the fishing industry will be preserved for the future. Primarily, however, Neptun is to be a venue for experiences and events. Here visitors will gain knowledge about the history of the Norwegian fishing industry through exhibitions, film and multimedia shows. The plant will serve as a model to illustrate the relationship between industry and community. The Melbu fiskeindustri plant, as well as other installations on Melbu's harbour, will be integral parts of this model.

The Norwegian Cultural Council's goal in the establishment of the Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum was that the institution would be national in both Scope and function.

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