Maihaugen, The Sandvig Collections

Maihaugen, The Sandvig Collections

Maihaugen, The Sandvig Collections, is one of the largest and most interesting open-air museums in Northern Europe. The open-air museum, which consists of 150 buildings, includes houses and country courtyards from the Gudbrandsdalen Valley and from Lillehammer. The Garmo Church, a medieval stave church, and Bjørnstad, a large farm with a total of 27 buildings, are two of the most prominent attractions at Maihaugen.

Maihaugen is situated in the centre of Lillehammer. The open air museum presents daily life from the 1700s until today. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on your own or book a guided visit in advance. Children’s Winter Day On the 14th of February, an exciting winter activity day will be held at the open air museum.

The open air museum tells us about living and working in Norway over the course of 500 years. “The rural collection” shows the Gudbrandsdalen valley as a whole. Here you will find a grand farm house and a Cotter’s home, stave church and vicarage, a settler’s farm, and a summer farm, as well as small fishing shacks. “The town” represents an inland town, town houses from Lillehammer, pharmacy, hairdresser, bakery, shops, Post office, flats and backyards. ”The residential area” consists of detached houses from the 20th century. The main building includes The Old Workshop in a nationwide crafts exhibition and the historic exhibition.

During July one of the farms is occupied, presenting farm life and farm work from the 1890s. The main building contains interesting exhibitions: "How We Won the Land", which is a presentation of Norwegian history from the Ice Age and into the future, covering 1200 m2, the Old Workshops and temporary exhibitions.


  • We won the land
  • The old workshops
  • Folk art in Gudbrandsdalen
  • Postal history
  • Norwegian stamps

1.10 - 30.05: 11.00-16.00 (Mon. closed)


  • Adults kr. 80
  • Children (6-15 years) kr. 40
  • Family kr. 200
  • Student/Senior citizens kr. 70
  • GUIDED TOURS must be booked in advance during the winter season.

Address and Contact:
Maihaugveien 1,
2609 Lillehammer.
Tel. 61 28 89 00.

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