Måbødalen, Eidfjord

Måbødalen, Eidfjord

The Old Road in Måbødalen has been turned into a footpath and cycle track between Måbø ? Fossatromme/Vøringfoss Kafeteria. This famous road is a unique piece of engineering, which is explained on 21 information boards along the 5 km route.

Måbødalen is an old footpath route that goes over well-preserved tracks of 1300 stairs and 125 swings from Måbødalen up to Hardangervidda. Follow the path along the farm on Måbø and over the bridge. From the plateau you can follow the path to the Vøring waterfall Cafeteria. Parking at the farm on Måbø along Route 7 in Måbødalen, ca. 12 km from Eidfjord center. Season: June to September.

Måbødalen with a view to Norway is the most visited tourist attraction in Vøringsfossen and can be experienced at close quarters from the top by Fossli Hotel or at the bottom of the mighty Måbødalen. Parking at the top opening of Mabotunnelen on the way to Vøringsfossen between second and third tunnel in Måbødalen. Approx. 1.5 hours t / r. In Måbødalen has a rare and beautiful flora.

More About Måbødalen, Eidfjord
Gamleveien in Måbødalen - a total of 5 km. Experience 400 years of building traditions, from the path to modern engineering.
Suggestion: Go up and down Måbødalen old road in Måbødalen. Approx. 3.5 hours. At the foot of Vøringfossen, and by the ascent of the Måbødalen valley, you will find the Hardangervidda Nature Centre which is a must along with a journey on the Troll Train.

Vøringfossen waterfall
Vøringfossen is Norway’s most visited natural tourist attraction. It has a total fall of 182 metres, including a vertical fall of 145 metres. The best location to see the waterfall is by Fossli Hotel, which lies 20 kilometres from Eidfjord at the top of Måbødalen. Turn off the Rv 7 road at the access road to Fossli Hotel/Vøringfossen.

Måbødalen - Måbø Museum
Experience nature with strong contrasts, towering mountains, waterfalls, and 400 year road building traditions. 21 information boards on the distinct picnic areas in the valley tells a fascinating cultural history. For group visit at Måbø Museum, contact Eidfjord Municipality, tel. 53 67 35 00. Season: June-September

Experience a Camping and Cabin Centre
Sunny, pleasant campsite in nature surroundings. Located at the bottom of Måbødalen. Well-equipped cabins with toilet and shower. Easy access for motor homes and caravan. Café with everything from to traditional food.
Camping and Cabin Centre
5784 Upper Eidfjord
Phone: 53 66 59 88/97 97 90 81/99 00 91 60
E-mail: camping@mabodalen.no
Internet address: www.mabodalen.no

Måbødalen kulturlandskaps museum
Experience a scenery with dramatic contrasts, high mountains and waterfalls. Road-building traditions from the 16th. century up to the present. 21 info-tables have been put up at the most distinctive stops in the valley. Måbø Museum, guided tours, limited opening hrs.

Fossli Hotel
Fossli Hotel is on top of Måbødalen. The hotel has a exceptional location with a fantastic panoramic views of Måbø-Valley Vøringfossen. It was condtructed in 1891, 25 years before Fossli got away. Edvard Grieg was frequent guest at this hotel and wrote bl. a. Opus 66 here. Fossli Hotel has 21 rooms, restaurant, cafe and bar
all rights reserved.
Fossli Hotel AS, Fossli, 5785 Vøringsfossen
Phone: 53 66 57 77
Fax: 53 66 50 34
E-mail: manager@fossli-hotel.com
Internet: www.fossli-hotel.com

Måbødalen, Eidfjord - Map
 Måbødalen, Eidfjord - Map

5784 Øvre Eidfjord
Contact Eidfjord Tourist Information Office . They will help you more.

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