A Drive through a Living Museum

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A drive through a living museum
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The trip takes you through Heidal and Ottadalen where you find a lot of preserved wooden buildings and very special cultural landscapes.
Distance: 101 kms / driving time less than two hours.

Itinerary: From Vågåmo on route 15 to Randen (7 kms), road 51 to Randsverk (20 kms), road 257 through Heidal valley to Sjoa (32 kms), route E6 to Otta (11 kms) , to Vågåmo on road 15 (31 kms). Alternative route Otta – Vågåmo on Baksidevegen.

If you start in Lom the tour will be 62 kms longer / you have to add one hour additional driving time, by start in Bismo 96 kms / plus one and a half hour extra driving.

Worth seeing:
Vågå Stavkyrkje (stave church) and Jutulheimen Bygdemuseum (open air museum), Blessomkalvkvea Urskogfelt with primeval forest, the old farms in Heidal, famous for the wooden constructions. Short detour to the gorge Ridderspranget (King`s leap) in Sjodalen.

If you are based in Lom or Bismo there is a nice alternative along Solsidevegen between Lom and Vågåmo on the northern side of the lake Ottavatnet. There you will pass Nordherad with the best preserved cultural landscapes in our country.

In Nordherad you find marked culture and nature trails, some of them related to old hunting methods. Farm shop at Valbjør. Closer to Lom you find Haukdalen, home of the artists Gustav and Kitty Wentzel.

What to do:
Try fishing in the dam at Grov, climb in Brimiskogen Klatrepark. Go canyoning in the Veo river and enjoy rafting and river board in Sjoa river. A nice, easy walk along the Huldrestigen cultural trail, start from road 51 at Russia, is worth while.

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