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Lofoten Explorer
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Lofoten Explorer

Inflatable safari in the waters around the Lofoten islands and Vesterålen Salten.

Lofoten Explorer has long sjafører experience and good local knowledge providing us with the necessary expertise to meet your needs and tailor a unique adventure safari for you!

On our safaris we put safety, satisfaction and experience highly.

New and exciting opportunities in the Lofoten Islands and our surrounding area. Join and explore and discover the Lofoten Islands with us. Our new suggestions will contain many new and exciting items.

Tours with accommodation, hiking / walking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, culture and history, and more.

With over 17 seasons in the Lofoten within tourism we have built a broad network of contacts and expertise in our field in the Lofoten Islands and the areas around us.

With our large boats, we want you, the customer will think a bit different from usual. What if the boat was the base for your stay in Lofoten and not the hotel or cabin?

It is not to say that the guests will not get good beds and sleeping in (but maybe we'll spend a night out in nature) or meeting room you must have the One half of the day or enjoy a dinner at restaurant.

We think again, with our concept you will get experience the diversity of the Lofoten Islands. We will be motion at sea or on land at any time.

We will facilitate that you can sleep and eat well, hold their meeting in the conference room with necessary equipment. The difference will be that you.

Wake up to breakfast in Svolvaer, or another suitable place, today's lunch is served on board the fishing vessel and dinner at Reine and accommodation in Værøy or lavvoo outdoors.

During the entire stay, we can add elements and experiences to suit your participants.

We tailor your experience in Lofoten and guarantees that you will experience one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos "Lofoten" in a new and spectacular way that you will never forget.

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Way out on Lofoten archipelago is the fishing village of Reine. The ocean offers everything from sandy expanses to kelp forests. There are also frisky under­water currents and plenty of fish.

Lofoten Islands

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