Lively and Colorful

Lively and Colorful

The Hardangervidda Nature Centre at Eidfjord is a centre for the whole family, featuring lively exhibitions, hands-on activities and visual effects. Today the centre is one of the leading centres of its kind, featuring pioneering technological effects. The exhibitions are spread over three whole floors and include dioramas, interactive displays, an aquarium, nature video and explanatory texts.

Front view - The Museum - Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eidfjord
Front view


  • Geology
  • Botany
  • Glaciology
  • Zoology
  • Archaeology
  • Ornithology

You will find the staff at the centre very friendly. Our aim is for your visit to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre at Eidfjord to be enjoyable, educational and exciting.
The Museum - Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eidfjord
The Museum - Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eidfjord

inside the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eidfjord
Inside the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Eidfjord

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